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Distribution Channel helps you expand your reach to gain market share and increase company value in an accelerated way.


MWS is established to sell through 2 main channel:

  1. Direct: Corporate Sales Team: One or more sales teams that you employ directly

  2. InDirect: Value-added reseller (VAR): 
    MWS Partners: Licensed Trainers, Premium Resellers & Learning Hubs


Expanding existing distribution channels and creating new ones can help businesses significantly grow their market share. It’s possible to increase your revenue and market value an additional 5%, 10%, or even 20%, by simply improving an underperforming channel or launching a new one. This section will look into high-value strategic activities, adding substantial measurable value to your top line and enterprise value. 


Building your business through Channel / Partners requires a different skills from selling to Corporate Direct Sales. However; inorder to create a good distribution program, you must focus on the needs of your end-users.


If you sell through these groups instead of (and in addition to) selling direct, treat the entire channel as a group of customers – and they are, since they’re buying your product and re-selling it. Understand their needs and deliver strong marketing programs; you’ll maximize everyone’s revenue in the process.

Identify Natural Partners

In order to grow beyond the direct model, look for companies that have relationships with our clients and end-users. Since consultants, training providers, agents and/or trainers already reach our customer base, they’re natural partners.

Build Your Partners

To build the MWS Partners Program successfully, you need to take a different approach.


Setting up a distribution channel with one or more partners, treat it as a sales process:

  1. Approach the potential channel partner and “sell” the value of the partnership

  2. Establish goals, service requirements and reporting requirements

  3. Deliver sales/support materials

  4. Train the partner

  5. Organize MWS Showcase, Partner events to support the partners

  6. Run promotions and programs to help them increase sales

  7. Minimize pricing conflicts


Since we are using multiple channels, carefully map out the Revenue Plans for each step in your channel and include a fair profit for each type of partner. Then compare the price that the end-user will pay; if a customer can buy from one channel at a lower price than another, your partners will rightfully have concerns. Pricing conflict is common but it can jeopardize your entire strategy, so do your best to map out the price at each step and develop the best solution possible.

We will assist and guide you through the local pricing strategy; during your trainng session in the Main office.


We have also prepared an MWS Partner Education Program to assist you in getting your MWS Partners started.

Drive revenue through the channel


Once you have recruited and build the partners; you would need to schedule and meet them regularly to service and drive revenue. 


Some of the activities that you need to do:

  • MWS Showcase: for them to invite their clients to experience MWS

  • Exhibitions/Expo: to generate leads

  • Join client visits

  • mwsPE and mwsMeets


Service your channel partners as you’d service your best customers and work with them to drive revenue. For example, provide them with marketing funds or materials to promote your products; run campaigns to generate leads and forward them to your partners.

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