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The MWS Partner Education [MWS-PE]is to facilitate and help the MWS Partners to get started on what is required to be successful in their business with MiniWorkshopSeries. The Partner Education Program is to be exclusively organized by the Country Rep.

There 4 main categories:​

MWS - PE Entrepreneur Series

The MWS-PE Entrepeuner Series will be organized and conducted by the Country Rep to help the MWS Partners to start and grow their business. 

The 2 workshops; mwsBiz Start can be conducted with a small fees or be given free of charge. The Country Rep will inform MWS-Int on the schedule and fees if any. Do not charge exhorbitantly for this program, as it is more for both marketing and growing your channel network. These materials are royalty free for the Country Rep to use for recruitment and training of MWS Partners. You can change and edit as you see fit for your market.

MWS-PE Product Training

This is a compulsory training for all MWS Partners and their sales staff that can be conducted over 1-2 days. The Country Rep should schedule to have 1 organized at least once a quarter. You can also do one to one coaching/training with each partner. 

MWS-PE Trainer Series

The MWS-PE Trainer Series has 3 main trainings:

  1. MWS Branding You: to be conducted only by MWS Master Trainer

  2. MWS Train the Trainer: to be conducted only by MWS Master Trainer

  3. MWS Content Coaching: to be conducted only by MWS Country Rep/ MWS Master Trainer


The Country Rep will organize and may contact the MWS Master Trainer directly to make any required arrangements including the rates, etc. 


MWS-PE Skills Development

As a continuing support for the MWS Partner Network, the Country Rep is required to organize an MWS Partner Meet each quarter. With these meeting scheduled, we highly recommend that the Country Rep source for 'industry experts' to speak for an hour or two.

Some ideas on the topics you may want to consider:

  • How to handle the media

  • Dress for success

  • Vocal training

  • Vitality with Chi-Qung

  • Meditation to manage stress

  • Pronounciation

  • Body language

  • Color theraphy 

  • Managing Your Finance

  • Be tax smart

  • Personal Branding

  • Leveraging on the Internet

  • CRM

  • Creativity 

  • Eating right for life

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