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Having a good marketing strategy implies to define the strategy of the company and to apply it in the best and most efficient way. The MWS strategy covers 7 elements.


MWS Mission is to empower people to learn, reflect, discover and change by creating a fun learning environment for personal, interpersonal and organizational transformation.

We are totally committed to the MWS Partners’ business potential for financial success.

Marketing Objectives

The marketing objectives are as follows:

  1. Develop a brand image that is synonymous with quality and excellence in the corporate training industry

  2. To recruit and establish a network of high quality MWS Partners globally

  3. To open new markets in different countries by appointing Country Rep at least 2 each year

  4. To launch new products on every 3rd December each year

  5. To increase sales of the MWS range of innovative products and services by 10% every quarter

  6. Increase repeat sales from current client base by 5% per quarter

Target Market

MWS is targeting the medium to large corporate clients, with employees ranging from 300 and up to tens of  thousands of staff. We will not be focussing on the smaller sized companies and ‘retail’ market, which is an alternative market niche within the training industry.

This is because with the MWS range of products and services, the medium to large corporate clients potentially have more to gain in the implementations of the MWS Licensing Options and cost savings.

For the Public Programs, smaller companies may sometimes send their staff for our public programs, but the numbers are not significant. 

Demographics: > 40 years old, managers in HR Field, 

Psychographics: innovators, achiever, progressive


MWS will position itself as offering a new approach and fresh perspective to corporate training. It provides organizations a comprehensive flexible workforce learning solution for any client of any size to experience MWS.

  1. The MWS workshops are positioned to offer bite sized, concise and impactful learning for busy executives. Because of the high workload and the competitive environment, staff demands training that is totally relevant and useful. They want it clear, precise and relevant so that they can take it from workshop to workplace immediately. 

  2. With the MWS Licensing Options, clients can take it further by contextualizing the content, and making it highly effective. We will help train their Line Managers and Supervisors into MWS Licensed Trainers. Organizations stand to save over 80% of their training investment and creating equal opportunities  for everyone to learn. 

  3. Having a diverse and quality MWS Licensed Trainers, organizations can choose to appoint them to run in-house programs for their staff.

  4. With the Public Programs offered by MWS Learning Hubs, clients can send their staff and trainers to experience the training first hand by MWS Licensed Trainers [Pro].


MWS’s competitive edge is also in its strategic partnership programs, the MWS Partners. MWS has an extensive Business Partner Programs, to help entrepreneurs start their business effortlessly and quickly today in the corporate training sector.

The MWS Business Partners will undergo extensive trainings on how they can add value to their clients with MWS.

Marketing Mix

All activities will be posted on the MWS Partners portal at MWS Country Rep will undertake various marketing mix inclusive but not limited to the following:

  • Pricing: Each country shall maintain its own pricing structure. Quarterly pricing table will be made available to all MWS Partners and clients. All MWS Partners must maintain the minimum pricing structure to ensure fair competition and integrity in dealing with  partners and corporate clients. 

  • Promotion: MWS may at its own discretion, have Quarterly Promotions to create demand and encourage sales. Special Promotions may also be offered during events, tradeshows, expos and/or exhibitions.

  • Loyalty Programs: MWS loyalty programs for the workshop participants will be carried out throughout the year. These programs are targeted to create brand awareness and loyalty. 

  • Advertising: MWS undertake a multi pronged advertising campaign and activities to promote the MWS brand and  MWS Partners. 

  • Website and Internet Presence:MWS International maintains various websites to promote and market MWS, namely and MWS has also setup various social networking groups in Facebook, Linked-in, blogs, youtube and twitter. The Country Rep is required to participate fully in updating the sites.

  • Channels of Distribution: MWS products and services will be distributed exclusively only by MWS Premium Resellers, MWS Master Trainers and/or MWS Country Representatives. The clients can experience MWS workshops either in-house or at any of the venue of the public program. As for the MWS Trainers Kit, MWS clients will receive them via direct delivery via courier service. 

  • Customer Service: As an ongoing support to the MWS Trainers Kit client and MWS Licensed Trainers, shall receive an unlimited email support. All questions and customer service requests be emailed to

Marketing Research

Mining information about our clients, their preferences and the market, helps us to design programs that not only meets the expectations of our potential clients’ but exceed them.

MWS constantly engage itself in marketing research to better understand customer behaviour and market trends. MWS International may propose joint Market Research efforts with the respective Country Rep.

Some of these activities are done informally through interviews and surveys.To gather information on hot titles that the clients may be interested, a survey is prepared to capture the audience’s needs after each workshop. 

Channel Development

MWS accelerated success is only made possible by having the MWS Partner Programs. This strategic move is a win-win proposition for the Country Rep. The ability to build a strong Channel Sales and Talent network will not only establish MWS as a reputable brand, but the ability to grow expontentially in the shortest time.

MWS Country Rep must have a proper rollout plan to recruit, train and develop the respective MWS Partners within their country.

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