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The key success factor for the Country Rep is to build their business through Partner Development in their respective region.

We are committed to seeing our partners succeed whether you are one or one thousand employees strong. We work with many different kinds of partners serving a wide range of market segments. Through our comprehensive MWS Partner Program, we work hard to meet the needs of all our partners, providing them with the tools and resources you need to build your business and improve your bottom line. 

Types of Partners

The MWS Business Partners Program consists of 3 main categories with different types of license rights:

1. MWS Licensed Trainers 
2. MWS Premium Resellers
3. MWS Learning Hubs 

You can find the different Licensing Agreements on MWS website.

Through our MWS Partner Program, we aspire to expand the MWS business faster and more effectively. Partnership is a powerful tool — let’s leverage on that to achieve even better results together. 

This section will give you a better understanding on how you can guide them to become MWS Partners


Starting a Corporate Training Business

Successful business people start a business not only to create wealth, freedom, and opportunity but to leave a legacy and help others achieve their goals.

Corporate training and development is a growing market. Organizations are spending millions in developing staff and leaders every year. Being an MWS Licensing Partner, you can maximise this opportunity at the highest level, working in any business sector. 

The market has a bright future ahead; and you can be part of it! MWS Licensing Partner Program is designed for anyone who wants to expand their current business, or to start off a new training venture.

We provide a proven business model with low start up investment to jump start your business today. Regardless of business size, type, or focus area, the MWS Licensing Partner Program is crafted to help you meet your business goals. 

There are many people successfully managing their own corporate training business today. You too can.

Who Can Start a Business in the Corporate Training Industry?   
Anybody can start a training business. However, it is vital to know what you want to do. In the Corporate Training Industry, there are 3 distinct roles: In the Corporate Training Industry, there are 3 distinct roles:

•  Trainers 
•  Training Providers 
•  Event Organizers 


Depending on their focus and expertise, you can help them choose the right Partner Program to meet their every need. 

MWS Partner FAQ

What Are The First Things I Need To Do To Start A Training Business? 
You will need to meet whatever regulations there are in your area / county / country for starting a business. Starting a business in Malaysia is indeed a simple thing. We provide a panel of business consultants to help you get started. 

What Business Form Should I Choose? 

In Malaysia, and most countries, you need to decide if you want to start a

  1. Private Limited Company: Sdn Bhd  /Pte Ltd 

  2. An Enterprise / Sole Proprietor


The easiest way to start a training business is the form of business known as “Sole Proprietorship”. This means you will simply report your business income on your personal income tax form. You don’t need to form a corporation or other complex forms of business, at least in the beginning.

Corporate training is a type of business that does not involve the type of risks and liability that a construction or home repair business does, you don’t really need a special liability insurance to operate. 

How much do I need to invest?
This varies by a number of factors. According to Entrepreneur, a US based magazine, it costs between USD$10,000 and USD$50,000 to start a corporate training business in the United States. 
However, with MWS Partner Program, you will be able to start with so much more for so much less.

Do I Need to Develop a Business Plan or a Financial Plan? 
Yes, if you require any assistance, our MWS Business Coaches will assist you in a simple business and financial plan. 

Remember, if you have a full or part time job, you can start your training business without quitting your job. You might be able to offer some of your free workshops – for marketing purposes – during weekends or days off your work. 

Look at the Documents templates for the Business Planning Tools [exel]

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