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The purpose of these guidelines is to develop shared awareness and appreciation of the “MWS” concept and identity, and to explain correct usage to all relevant MWS Partners.

MWS International is the owner of the MWS brands and licenses it to all of MWS Partners. The Brand Manual details out all the necessary guidelines and essentials of the MWS brand.


MWS Vision

MWS as a world leading brand for corporate training to empower the workforce for results.

Brand Values

MWS Brand stands for:

  1. Spirit of Innovation: New Approach, Fresh Perspective 

  2. Empowering Workforce : Designed for the many, not just the few 

  3. Phenomenal Value : Stand to save over 80% of your training investment 

  4. Accelerated : Fun, Experiential and Effective learning 

  5. Relevant: Direct skills transfer from workshop to workplace 

  6. Simplicity : All the work is done for you 

  7. Adaptable : We provide the content, you provide the context



Tone of Voice

How do we write?

We are an ‘enter-train-ment’ brand not a technology brand. We speak to people and we use active and conversational language. We’re people who are creative, vibrant and youthful.

We look for the best in all people and the best in all situations. We look forward to the future with excitement. We’re warm and friendly and we speak passionately and enthusiastically. However we’re not too over-enthusiastic – we don’t overuse exclamation marks and capital letters.

At the heart of our company is the spirit of innovation – the desire to bring new ideas and new experiences to the world. We are pioneers. We must sound different, but without sounding too obscure. The way we speak and what we say should tempt people to think differently and to try new things, by introducing them to new possibilities.

Every time we speak we make an impression on people. We should always seek to surprise and never be predictable. Our writing should be captivating and compelling – it should make people think, putting a smile in the mind as well as on the face. We say things that people won’t expect to hear but that they will understand.

Corporate Colors

Our corporate colors are:

  • Orange 

  • Gray

  • Black

  • White

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