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Whatever media you choose to utilize in your country; it is about how to reach your potential clients and the demographics that can benefit from the MWS Products and Services. Bear in mind, that variety is critical to a successful campiagn. There are many options available to allow you to communicate your message to your audience.

Marketing can be quite tricky for many, but we have simplified it for you with extensive elaboration of how you can get started:

People to People Media

  • Personal selling 

  • Direct mail 

  • Email Campaigns

  • Newsletter

  • Events

  • Telemarketing 

  • Point of Sale

Interactive Media

  • Corporate Presentation 

  • Corporate websites

  • MWS Community Forum

  • Social Networking

    • Facebook 

    • Twitter

    • Linkedin 

  • Internet

Mass Media

  • Television

  • Radio

  • Newspapers

  • Magazines

Personal Selling

Sales of the MWS Products and Services are mostly achieved with face to face meeting. Your sales team and MWS Partners would require marketing tools to facilitate those meeting:

At the end of the meeting, the sales person simply asks for referral. It is of utmost importance to cultivate a habit to ask for referrals. To refer a person is to personally recommend, endorse, and pass them to a qualified professional or service that can serve their need, often including informing both parties of said recommendation and/or endorsement. 


Clients, potentials, as well as any people met during appointments and meetings can be referrals to let people know about the company and recommend it. It can have a significant impact and help tremendously the marketing efforts.

Direct Mails

Direct Mails can be used to inform your clients/potentials about:

  1. new product launch

  2. invitations for events / exhibition [Premieres/Showcase]

  3. incite curiosity and call for action to call you 

Email Campaigns

Nowadays emails are a must. Email marketing is also the easiest, quickest and most used way of communication to inform about coaching, punctual event like Christmas party greeting card, Partner Education Program, NLP class, lucky draw and any other events and updates. 

  • Sample Postcard 

  • Check out the different templates at Tools/templates



10 tips to use emails to push your sales process forward.



Avoid SPAMMING at all cost. Send emails only to people who requested for it. Never send out newsletters or product offers to people who did not opt-in to your list, no matter how attractive your offer may be or "targeted" the recipients may be. Forget the claim unscrupulous Internet marketers make on "targeted marketing" - that emails sent to a targeted audience is not spam. The rule is simple and clear: if the person did not agree to receive your emails, then it is spam.


Catchy & appropriate. Choose a heading that gets you noticed. In the subject line, try using a reference name, someone you can list as a referring party or someone they might know. Consider referencing a company that will be familiar to the reader, one that you have worked with in the past. You can then build the message around your work with the company


Body of message

Get to the point. The message should be no more than 2-3 sentences long. The shorter it is, the more likely it is to be understood and acted upon.


Use of Name

Be personal. Use the person’s name in the body of the message. Otherwise he or she may assume that this is an email that a thousand other people are receiving.


Emphasize commonality

Use testimonials, use referrals, use name of companies MWS has been doing with. Someone you have in common.


Don’t try to sell

Don’t include long monologues about how great your company or product is. Say clearly that the reason for the email message is to set up an appointment. Offer specific time and date.


Don’t hound the person

Send one message a week, max. if the person say she doesn’t want to receive any more email – please stop sending.


Don’t try to turn an appointment into a prolonged pre-meeting correspondence

Once you have accepted the appointment, there is no need to turn the exchange into a protracted discussion. Send a polite short message of thanks and confirmation and then show up during the appointed day and time.


CALL for action

In sales, we must always have the NEXT STEP…  Remember, selling is a series of the next steps.  So, in your email/sales letters, make sure you have a set action[s], 


Include your full contact information

Make sure you include your full contact information, as well as your company ‘s address. This way the recipient knows that they are not receiving unsolicited messages in the future.


Being a market innovator in the corporate industry, educating our clients is vital part of the marketing and sales process. Organizing and having events creates brand awareness and generates lead. 

  • For more details on events go to Marketing Events.



Telemarketing is one of the marketing tools you can adopt to:

  1. make appointments

  2. invite potentials to showcase / events

  3. Check it out at the Tools/Guides section


Point of Sales

The Point of Sales is the moment a transaction with a customer takes place. It is very important that you create a lasting impression with quick, professional and courteous processing.


Use this time to remind your clients of the MWS Mercandize, enrol them to utilize the partner portals, and the MWS Buzz Newsletter.

  • Terms and Conditions

  • For sample price lists and templates, check out at Tools/templates

Corporate Presentation

You can download and make Corporate CD with these materials. They are specifically designed to provide comprehensive information about MiniWorkshopSeries. Prezi’s interface for building new presentations is incredibly intuitive and cool. 

  • MWS Corporate Presentation

Organizational Websites

MWS International maintains and promotes 2 main sites:

You can find all the information about MWS International: the services, products, the links to the social networks and blog, the contacts.

This website is promoted to clients, partners and participants. Partners are encouraged to post their profiles, update their calendar, contribute articles, etc to inform clients and potentials of them and their services. And of course, having an access to this page in the Sales Portal.

Social Networking

Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups, like small communities of people with similar interest or from same geographical area. Although social networking is possible in person, especially in the workplace, clubs and universities, it is most popular online. 


Social networking is the way 21st century communicates and network with their clients. Never before we have the opportunity to speak and hear from the grassroots, the people that are using and experience our products and services: the user groups.

Social sites have become very popular. Many of us use a social site to stay in touch with clients, participants, partners and friends. MWS International has created:

Local Country Reps are encouraged to create their own FB pages and twitter account to be connect with their clients or you can utilize the MWS International Pages. Once you are able to propulate your fans and friends on the social sites, you can utilize them to:

  1. create brand awareness and loyalty

  2. post updates and information

  3. invite for events

  4. generate leads and interests

  5. link to blog entries, etc.

Mass Media

You can also use the various mass media to create brand awareness and what you offer. They are generally very much more expensive and may not reach the specific audience, unless you have done extensive research to its effectiveness in your region.



Reaches more people than any other medium; costs the most. What you can do with Television, is to find the right program or talk show and get invited to share what you offer.



Able to target specific audiences with higher frequency of the message; need to buy 2-3 stations for good reach; not as expensive as television. Again, you want to be able to find the right program and send them information about yourself and what you offer, and be invited for an interview.



Communicates details about arts organization's events; can geographically target a city/communities; lots of ad clutter, especially in the entertainment section; expensive for a "page-dominant" ad.



Reach upscale audiences; higher quality graphics and environment; based on a weekly or monthly publishing cycle, it is difficult to develop an adequate frequency level; costly,especially since a color ad is necessary for impact.


To better reach your potential clients, target business widespread magazines. Check their reputation and audience. Then call them to find out what kind of advertisement (size, place in the page, which section of the magazine...) they offer, the frequency of the advertisement and for what price. Then compare with other magazines and pick up the most advantageous one. 

A regular printing allows readers to keep seeing the advertisement. In case they don’t care about advertisement, they will at some point end up wondering what is the company and would like to know more about it. 

That’s the main aim of advertising: provoking curiosity, informing, spreading the brand as widely as possible to get people know about the company and its services / products. 

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