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MWS, is a dynamic 4-hour workshop that delivers results for busy professionals and executives of progressive organizations. This is competency training which is suitable for organizations of all sizes. Its bite-sized training workshop is clear, concise and precise to create high-impact learning. 

It makes training relevant and applicable to respective individuals as well as the collective needs of the workforce. It is a flexible solution that is cost-effective and affordable.

Features and Benefits

MWS’s skill-based and competency-driven workshops are experiential, interactive and motivational. These workshops are specifically crafted to be effective for large numbers of participants as well as for smaller focus groups. It provides an equal opportunity for everyone to learn. It offers 80 titles to meet every need. The workshops are independent of each other and are divided into different learning tracks. 

Learning Frameworks

The Learning Frameworks is designed to facilitate organizations on how they can best organize the MWS Workshops throughout their organization. These frameworks acts as a suggestion and is flexible for the MWS Premium Reseller to mix and match titles that are suitable for your clients.

Download the MWS Learning Frameworks.



There are 2 different types of training offering: 

  • Public Program

  • In-house workshop.


Public Programs

Public Programs at MWS Learning Hubs: The MWS Learning Hubs are strategically located around the country to provide your client the opportunity to experience the MWS Workshops at a reasonable fee. This will allow the Corporate Direct Team and MWS Premium Reseller to assist in promoting, marketing and selling to the clients.

In-House Workshops

MWS also offers In-House workshops. It is of utmost importance that you are familiar with a diverse range of MWS Licensed Trainers [Professional].MWS is proud to have over hundreds of highly competent trainers around the world. You can check out their profiles on your local websites or the MWS Partners Portal to choose the one you want. All our licensed trainers have undergone extensive and rigorous Trainer Certification programs.

The trainers utilize NLP, Accelerated Learning Techniques and experiential methodology to help bridge the knowing and doing gap. They are committed to facilitate a Lively, Fun, Entertaining and Highly-Interactive workshop that add value to their participants. All the licensed trainers are committed to excellence and takes personal pride in delivering quality training.

Learning Frameworks
Public Programs
Inhouse Workshops
Features and Benefits
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