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The purpose of these guidelines is to develop shared awareness and understanding of the “MiniWorkshopSeries” concept and identity, and to explain correct usage to all relevant MWS Partners.


MWS International is the owner of the MWS brands and licenses it to all of MWS Partners.

MWS Sales Process

The Sales Process takes you from the beginning of the sales process to the closing of the sales and the delivering of the products and services to your client. The flowchart is made simple for you to use as a tool to train your staff and MWS Partners. 

You may choose to make modifications and recommendations to MWS International. It serves as guide not an SOP. 


You have just made your sale of the MWS Licensing Options for your client. Now this is an exciting time for both you and your clients. Distinctively you have 2 main fulfillment of orders:

1. MWS Licensed Trainer Order

2. MWS Trainers Kit Order

MWS Licensed Trainer Order Process

Congratulations on signing up your MWS Licensed Trainers. This basically outlines how you get started and what to do.

Step 1 : Sales Order

Send sales order to MWS international or MWS Country Representative complete with respective MWS Licensed Trainers full name, company name, emails and contact numbers.


Step 2 : Schedule Certification Trainings

  • 3 days Trainer Certifications

  • 1 day Content Coaching

Step 3 : Prepare delivery

All MWS Trainers will receive the following upon completion of the following programs:


Trainer Certification: 

  • MWS Magbook for Trainer Certification

  • MWS Congratulatory Letter

  • MWS Licensed Trainers Card

  • MWS Empowered Employee Trainers Kit


Content Coaching

  • Sign in details for the MWS Partners Portals


Step 4 : Proper record keeping

The MWS Master Trainers and the MWS Country Representative must keep proper records in the assignment of the License Key to the MWS Trainers. 


The records must be made available for the MWS International Representative for auditing at any given time. All the records must be updated and posted.

A sample of the record expected is as shown here.

Note: The MWS Empowered Employees are given directly and belongs to the respective MWS Licensed Trainers and not the organization.

MWS Trainers Kit Order Process

To get you started we have prepared a simple checklist so that you and your client and team will enjoy a smooth and successful sales experience. All Sales Order will ONLY be completed upon final payment.


Back Office

  • Sales Order to either

    • MWS International

    • MWS Country Representative

  • Record Keeping


MWS Trainers Kit

  • Packaging

  • Installation Guide and Manual



Sales Documentation



After Sales

  • Receipt

MWS Trainers Kit can also be delivered in physical form.

Production and delivery cost applies.


The Trainers Kit comes in a convenient binder folder that fits into a hard cover box. Each folder can be either dedicated to a track or the combination of titles. 


Dedicate one CD for each title, and label the CD Sleeve accordingly using the stickers provided. Inside the box, you must put in the MWS Standard Agreements.

  • MWS License Terms 

  • The Trainers Kit Box

  • The Trainers Kit CD Jacket

  • MWS License Manager Installation Guide


In many cases, respective Country Representative may choose to opt for a Packaging Design that is more appealing to its market sector.

The final step is the delivery by post or courier.

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