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This section takes you to see how you administer and manage the sales process. Here is a summary of documentation and tools to ensure you have all the grounds covered with your clients.

Managing Sales Team


It is important to ensure that you manage your Sales Team. Even, if you do not have a formal CRM system, you can manage it by using free applications online. The combination of utilizing the google apps the likes of goggledocs, googglecal can help you stay on top of your team.


Being able to manage your sales pipeline makes it possible for you to project your sales revenues and profits. Knowing which stage your client is in the sales process will ensure you have better management and enable you to hit your sales targets each and every time. 

Sales Stages

The SPANCO method offers visibility for each lead and progress at the various phases of the sales process, and it also provides you with an ongoing vision of the rate of sales activity in your company. 


Definition of the Sales stages:

  • Suspect: your identified clients that can fit the demographics

  • Prospect: Identifying and research the lead

  • Approach: when you done make first contact, educating the client and presented MWS

  • Negotiated N1: when you have identified a Need for the MWS Products and Services 

  • Negotiated N2: when you have submitted a proposal, client is identifying the Licensed Trainer and selecting titles

  • Negotiated N3: when you have presented to the decision maker(s): MAN, [means, authority & need] 

  • Closing:when your clients has given a go-ahead verbally, and now in the process of final approvals

  • Order: when you have received the official order, PO. 


However, as much as we like the sales stages to move nicely through the pipelines, there are clients who may not be ready to take on the MWS Products and Services due to:

  • budget constraint

  • organizational restructuring


We classify these clients as 'Potential': we continue to update them on our progress, subscribed them on the newsletters, etc. We must continue to establish touch points and ocassionally call the clients.

Sales Documentation

To make it easy for you to access the information: for each sales stage, we have identified clearly the sales tools you may require:


Sales Materials


Sales Documentation


Account Management


Order Processing



MWS Licensing Options


MWS Workshops

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