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INTRO: MWS Business Model

This is a robust enterprise business with a B2B model. 

As an MWS Partner, you will not only have the rights to promote, market and sell the MWS Products and Services, but develop a network of business associates to expand your business exponentially faster. You will also be able to grow and produce merchandize and products to further expand your product offerings. 

The MWS Business Model consists of both:
1. Direct Corporate Sales 
2. MWS Partner Programs 

What is the different between corporate and partners?
The direct corporate clients are the end-users of the products and services, whilst the MWS Business Partners are business associates that utilizes and leverage on the License to attain their clients to generate revenue and profit. 

MWS Products and Services consists of the following:

  1. MWS Licensing Options: MWS Trainers Kit & MWS Licensed Trainer Certification

  2. MWS Workshops [in house and public]

  3. MWS Learning Materials, Add-ons and Merchandize

  4. MWS Partner Programs

  5. MWS Partner Education Programs

** Only the Country Representatives are eligible to recruit MWS Premium Resellers and MWS Learning Hubs. 



The MWS Partners Program consists of 2 Main Categories:


1. MWS Business Partners


  • MWS Licensed Trainers has the rights to use the MWS Trainers Kit to train across organisations.

  •  MWS Learning Hubs organises MWS Workshops public programs

  • MWS Reseller sells MWS Licensing Options to corporate clients

2. MWS Strategic Partners (are directly licensed and appointed by MWS International)


  • Master Trainers has the rights to certify the MWS Licensed Trainers as well as sell and market the MWS Licensing Options (MWS LT and MWS Trainers Kit)

  • Country Rep is the master licensor that represents a defined territory and develops Business Partners. CR will also have the rights to reproduce and package the MWS Kit for its region.

Unique Selling Proposition
Most training providers and consultants are focusing on the training of selected few: the leaders or talent pool [10-20%]. MWS aspire to provide a total workforce learning solution to facilitate the training of the remaining workforce [80-90%] by leveraging on their internal talents and line managers.

MWS Licensing Options
MWS provides the solution for organization to be able to train their whole workforce with the core competencies. By leveraging on the Line Managers to train the workforce, the organization will create a conducive environment for:

  1. the managers to 'walk their talk' and lead the workforce

  2. continuous learning and development for the workforce

  3. inculcating a common competency language

  4. knowledge sharing across the organization 




MWS Trainers Kit
All the work is done for you. With the MWS Trainers Kit, you can focus on what's critical in your industry, while we provide you with all the content required to make your workshop effective.

MWS Workshops 
MWS, is a dynamic 4-hour workshop that provides concise tips, tools and techniques. It is crafted for the participants to immediately take what they learn from workshop to workplace. Highly experiential, fun and relevant to all levels.



MWS Partner Programs
A proven business model that helps you get started and accelerate your business. Credibility by associating with a brand and product that is globally accepted. The MWS Partners will easily leverage from the partner network to expand their business. 

MWS is so much more. The MWS Licensing Option indeed is a radical and innovative approach that only bold and progressive organizations would implement. This approach requires a commitment from the leaders to step up and take action. It requires bold leadership to execute change and pave the way to success. It is a true commitment to our workforce, results and success.

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