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For any business to thrive and be successful in its business, MWS Country Rep needs to focus on the revenue generating activity: the sales! You need to ensure that each and every activity you undertake links back to generating revenue.

It is vital that you focus on training and developing your Salesforce: your direct sales team and your partners. The key is to educate them about the Heart of Sales, and to continously upgrade their skills sets required.

The Heart of Sales


Get to know the background history of the company and the MWS Brand you are representing. You would be amazed at how knowing this information by rote will help you when presenting your products and services to your prospects. It will give you a greater sense of being a part of the company you work for. Your prospects will be impressed with your intimate knowledge of your company and MWS Brand's history. They will pick up on the fact that you have a sense of professionalism and pride in what you sell and who you work for. People buy more and more often from those they perceive as professionals. 


Educate yourself and your team on the MWS products and services to the point that you can consider yourselves an expert. People generally seek to make intelligent buying decisions based on the best information that they can gather to solve their particular problem or need. We live in an information age and the more you know about your industry and your products the more you can communicate with your customer to address their needs. Do this correctly and you will be sought after for your knowledge and for you this will mean increased sales.


It may seem that your appearance goes without saying because we all know people form opinions on first impressions. However, many sales professionals that are new to the industry never truly understand why this is so important. You are the first impression that your prospect gets of your company and so your appearance and/or presence can greatly affect your sales. There are many things to consider other than just your greeting or your smile.


Get in the habit of being ready at all times to be of service to your prospects and customers. The better you can service your clients in a prompt, courteous and professional manner, the more you will be relied upon; this means more future sales and referrals. When you are properly prepared with all the right tools when you meet with your customers, you will be able to relax and focus more clearly on their needs. Prospective clients feel more comfortable around someone who is relaxed and it gives them the sense that they are in good hands and making the right buying decision.


Remember to always be teachable and open to learning something new while you are in sales. Someone who is teachable is easy to work with because they have an attitude and desire for growth and self development. A teachable person is more aware and tuned-in to their customer. They soon learn to anticipate their customer’s needs even before they express them.

Key Skills to Develop


Usually the sales person spends most of his time meeting potentials and clients. Meetings might represent 4 days out of a 5-day week. The sales person can organize his time on a day or week basis, for example: 4 days per week or morning till 3 pm will be for meetings. The rest of the time will be for all the paperwork and email communication in the office. 


The skills required:
So what are the skills  needed to be a successful salesperson? The techniques and methods of sales are teachable to anyone who has the desire to learn. However, there are a few natural skills that are of great benefit if they already exist within those that want to be successful in sales. Without these, success will take a longer time but it can still be achieved. If there is no desire and dedication to learning or developing these skills, then the selling will be much more difficult and very often  stressful.


Effective Communicator
Communication covers a lot of territory. It is not just about superb oratory skills here, but the ability to speak clearly and in a manner that is easy to be understood. Sales is all about talking to people and getting them to understand what you are trying to communicate.


Educating the Customer
We are living in the information age and so, more than ever before, buyers feel the need to be educated before they are confident enough to make a buying decision. MWS innovative approach is radical to some conservative organizations. So, take time to educate them on the benefits. The more you can educate your prospects and clients on what you sell, your industry, competition, and future trends that may affect them, the better chance you have of building that trust and confidence that is needed to make a purchase decision. 


Ability to Listen
Along with speaking, a great sales professional knows when to stop talking and listen. They never cut someone off while they are talking, because in doing so they would fail to hear a key element in identifying what that person's needs might be. You need to hear about their frustrations, their concerns, their pride in their current training implementations. Because you generally meet with Training Managers, don't be too quick to assume they are having challenges. Hear them out.


Asks Great Questions
Sales professionals are naturally inquisitive and know that in order to isolate what the real need or desire is in the buyer, they need to ask questions that will lead them to the answer. They naturally ask questions because they have a desire to help solve their problem. So, what are the questions we can ask? Here are some examples; 'How would you like to save over 80% of your current training investments?'; 'What are your training plans, and how is it being implemented now?'; 'Are you happy with the results that you are achieving in your training implementation?'


Problem Solver
Another natural skill is the desire and ability to solve problems. Great sales professionals are always solving problems. The ability to hone in on what the buyer's problem is and offering suggestions that will effectively solve the problem with respect to what products or services you sell, generally results with a sale. MWS gives the client the opportunity to re-think how they are implementing training plans. You need to point out how it can help to instill a sense of belonging throughout the organizations and inculcate a learning culture. It does also accelerate knowledge sharing and transfer across the organization.


Well Organized
This is not limited to your personal surroundings, but more with your thoughts and methods of planning. Sales professionals have a keen ability to break things down into smaller steps and organize a plan of action. They know how to analyze what their goal is and in what order the steps need to be in order to reach that goal. Take time to practice your sales pitch and presentations. Get used to your presentation tools. Make sure you do some dry-runs with your colleagues before you actually out doing your presentation to a potential. The worst sales presentation is of seeing a salesman searching and looking for the sales brochures or presentations right in front of the customers themselves.


Self-Starter and Self-Finisher
The successful sales professional moves forward on their own. They never need anyone to tell them when it is time to go to work because they know that if they do not work they will not earn. They are also very persistent in finishing what they start. They achieve their goals, even if they are small ones. 


Positive Self Image
Having the attitude that they can do just about anything that they put their mind into is usually very common among sales professionals. They do not cower from meetings or talking to people or trying something new. They rarely allow negatives that are either spoken to them or about them to effect what they are trying to accomplish because they know who they are and what they are capable of doing. 


Well Mannered and Courteous
The best sales professionals are very well mannered. You may not realize it, but having good manners is a way of showing respect for others. People are attracted to those that respect them and mutual respect is fundamental in building lasting relationships with people especially potential clients. Take special care with your words and language. 


Naturally Persuasive
Whenever you see your clients, make sure you bring a smile to their faces. Potential clients will always look forward to see you if you always bring joy and smile to their busy routine life. Another very common inherent skill with great sales professional is that they are very persuasive or know how to get what they want. They focus on what they want and they are persistent  in chipping away at it until they get what they want. They almost never give up or give in. 


Never turn off your radar 
This may be the most important piece of advice ever.  Opportunities are EVERYWHERE - never stop looking for the chance to promote, discuss or to present MWS products and services to anybody who will listen.


Always ask for referral
Even if the customers do not purchase the MWS products and services, always ask for referral. Most Training Managers and HR Managers are well connected to their peers in other organizations. So, when you are sharing with anyone at all what you do, asks them if they would know of anyone that can benefit. Surprisingly, most people would know of someone who does, and quite happily refer you.


Person of Integrity
A sales professional without integrity will have many struggles which will often include hopping from job to job. Honesty in sales is so important and it is almost impossible for this skill to be taught. You or the person you are looking to hire is either a person of integrity or are not. Be as analytical as possible on the evaluation of this skill.

10 Sales Tips 


To enhance your sales performance... 

  1. Be sincere with people. Too many sales people act in a manner that seems artificial or they only feign interest in their prospects' problems and concerns. People are smart and see right through such insincerity. If you are not sincere and honest with everyone you meet then you should not be in sales.

  2. Communicate clearly. It is vitally important to constantly hone your sales and communications skills. Continuous growth and training in formal professional selling techniques is also very important. Take training classes, listen to audio cassette professional development tapes, read all the professional development material you can get your hands on, and start a program of self-study and development in sales today if you haven't already.

  3. Seek to understand first. First listen to your customer, understand his or her wants and needs, and only then try to determine whether or not you can deliver the product or services to meet those wants and needs. If you approach a prospect with a solution before understanding the problem you are likely to be wrong about the solution.

  4. Probing Skills. The best sales people ask a lot of questions and genuinely listen to the answers before speaking again. 

  5. Be open and non-judgmental. Your prospects and customers are all different so you should treat them differently.

  6. Listen. The best sales people listen much more than they talk.

  7. Outcome based. Find out what your prospects want and then give it to them.

  8. Be ethical. If you cannot give your prospects what they want, tell them so and help them find what they are looking for elsewhere.

  9. Be honest. Be If you think that you cannot make it in sales as a profession, then you probably should not even try.

  10. Have fun. Most of all do have fun. Remember that being in sales is the only profession that truly rewards you for making friends. So, go out there, have fun and grow your business.

The Sales Steps

  • Lead Generation

    • Cold call : You will get contacts during events (exhibition, exposition), from referred clients, partners referred to the company, advertisement and internet campaigns (Facebook, You Tube...), media partners, showcase, companies ‘websites...

    • Email (blast, personal, letter of invitation)

    • Account assignment

  • Introduction

    • Presentation 

    • Meeting:  presentation to:      1) Executives  2) Managers    3) CEO     4) Board

    • Handling objections

    • FAQs

    • Invite to Showcase: Demonstration

  • Sales Planing

    • Benefits of MWS Products and Services

    • Learn about the Evaluation process

    • Preparing proposals /quotations

    • Selection of titles

    • Creating Framework

    • Closing the Deal

    • Followup on details of progress

  • Support & Services

    • Trainers Kit: Delivery of Products

    • Workshops: Organizing Dates and Trainers

    • MWS Licensed Trainers: Dates of MWS PE programs

    • Establish Client Database

    • Creating Touch Points for followup

  • Joining the MWS Community

    • invitation to join the MWS Community online

    • Regular email updates on Promotions, etc

Sales Tools

  • Slides for PowerPoint presentation

  • Handcopy

  • Gifts (pens, notebooks,…)

  • Video (87%)

  • Opening flash

  • Video Testimonial

  • Websites

  • FAQ

  • Infopack

  • Flyers

  • Outlines / Frameworks

  • Content demo / sample

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