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  1. What is MiniWorkshopSeries™?

MWS change the way organizations learn.
MiniWorkshopSeries™ is the result of extensive research and feedbacks from medium to large organizations. MiniWorkshopSeries™ was created to address the challenges faced by medium and large organizations and provide the solutions for actionable and structured approach in training and developing their workforce.  MiniWorkshopSeries™ maximizes your workforce training.


2. What are the key driving factors in MiniWorkshopSeries™?

We call it our OTAKU, our obsessively passionate endeavour. This is our key driving force to create products and services that empowers everyone to learn, reflect, discover and change in a fun learning environment for personal, inter-personal and organizational transformation.

We take pride in setting new frontiers in the training industry with new and innovative products and services. Our team of highly creative and passionate individuals thrives to improve, innovate and create new approach and fresh perspective to organizational learning. We seek to be different, thus giving our clients solutions that are easy to implement, result focussed and cost effective.


3. What is unique about MWS Workshops?

Bite-Size: MWS Workshops are crafted to be 4 hours– bite size, highly impactful training and this is very suitable for busy professionals. 

Proven Technology: The MWS Workshops is professionally designed to be fun, experiential and highly effective with NLP [neuro linguistic programming] and Accelerated Learning Methodologies.

Creates learning momentum:  It is specifically designed for organizations to instil a culture of continuous learning. Many organizations schedule regular sessions on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly interventions and this creates a momentum for learning, motivation and improvements. 

Enable learning reinforcements: It is proven that learning comprehension, retention and effectiveness is better achieved when participants are given small chunk size learning with regular interventions, rather than with long sessions. 


4. Who will be conducting the MWS Workshops?

All MWS Workshops are only conducted by MWS Licensed Trainers. The MWS Licensed Trainers are subject matter expertise that has gone through rigorous Trainers’ Trainings. You can choose from a large pool of MWS Licensed Trainers that would best fit your demographics and industry.


5. How can I experience the Workshops?

There are 3 ways to experience MWS Workshops: 

  • By appointing the MWS Licensed Trainers and conducting it in-house specifically for your organizations.
  • By attending the public workshop organized by the MWS Learning Hub. 

    You can check what is available online at the respective country representative websites.

  • By implementing the MWS Licensing Options in your organization. 


6. Can I combine the titles to run over 1-2 days programs?

It is not recommended, but yes, some organizations do combine the relevant titles together and conduct the trainings. It is best to clarify to your participants well beforehand.


7. What are the titles available for MWS Workshops? 

We have over 100 titles for you to choose from and a simple guide to help you work on your implementation.

MWS Licensing Option FAQ

1. What are the benefits for implementing the MWS Licensing Options in my organization?

With the MWS Licensing Options you can basically train everyone in your organization, instead of a select few. This is made possible by leveraging on your leaders and high potential talents to take a proactive approach in developing your workforce.
Staff no longer required to attend isolated one off programs; giving everyone the opportunity to attend regular in-house training intervention. This will enable them to continuously learn, change and adapt learning at work effectively. Not only will they speak the same lingo; but relate to the same tool, tips and concept, experiences and reinforce what is learned from the workshop to the workplace.
With MWS you will: 

  • achieve effective learning through regular intervention

  • have an even more motivated workforce

  • instil a culture of continuous learning

  • inculcate a common competency language

  • attain increased productivity & performance

  • gain loyalty and a team spirit that is unsurpassed through non threatening environment

  • attain the most cost effective learning solutions for your workforce 

  • enjoy convenience & flexibility 

MWS cultivates the culture of continuous learning and inspires leadership when your people meet regularly in a non-threatening learning environment. This encourages an enormous sense of loyalty and belonging as well as boost teamwork.  Now, with MiniWorkshopSeries, you will benefit from an even more motivated workforce with increased productivity and performance. 


2. What does it mean by licensed?

A license is a grant of permission to use a work in a manner that would otherwise infringe a copyright if the permission were not given. Licenses are used by copyright owners to allow others to copy, distribute, adapt, perform or display a copyright work.


3. What is the MWS Licensing Option?

The MWS Licensing Option allows progressive organizations to leverage on their leaders, line managers and in-house trainers to train their workforce. The MWS Licensing Option consists of the rights to the use of MWS Trainers Kit. It has 2 distinct elements:

  • MWS Trainers Kit

  • MWS Licensed Trainer


4. What is MWS Trainers Kit?

The MWS Trainers Kit is a comprehensive tool for MWS Licensed Trainers to enable them to conduct the MWS workshops effectively. The MWS Trainers Kit are delivered in DVD. No printed materials will be supplied. 

MWS Trainers Kit contains:

  • Trainers Guide, Power Point slides, Trainers Notes, Learning Journal, Plus: Supplemental activity, Audio Podcast, Visual Maps. (where available)


The MWS Trainers Kit is professionally designed to be attractive and enticing to enhance memory retention. With, the MWS Trainers Kit all the work is done for you. 


5. What is the underlying technology behind MWS Trainers Kit?

MWS Trainers Kit is crafted using NLP and “Accelerated Learning Principles”, so that every single learning experience is layered and built upon each experience. It is designed to make each learning experience fun, experiential, thought-provoking, highly effective and significant. 

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is a leading edge technology of excellence. You may have heard of NLP as particularly powerful in the areas of communication, influence and change. It is a revolutionary approach to human communication and development. As quoted by Time Magazine; "NLP is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the technology of achievement and human excellence."

Using the technology of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the content design is crafted to bridge the knowing and doing gap.


6. Are there any royalty fees to be paid, as is with most licensed programs?

No, there are absolutely no royalty fees involved. You will have unlimited printing and usage rights to the MWS Trainers Kit.  

However, you can sign up for a Yearly Protection Service will get you the latest updates and releases. The Yearly Protection Service is only applicable to releases and not version updates or new product lines. MWS Trainers Kit is currently on Version 5.

7. Can we use the MWS Trainers Kit / Licensed Trainer to train other organization or offer it as a public program?

Yes, you can offer the workshops publically. You need to adhere to current published fee rate for public programs to that ensure fair competition in the market. Contact us for the applicable rates for your country. 


8. Can the MWS Trainers Kit be used again/ recycled for the subsidiaries of the organization and sister companies? Is it transferable?

The MWS Trainers Kit can be used throughout its own organization. However, it is not transferable and not for resale. All the MWS Workshops must be conducted by MWS Licensed Trainer to ensure the quality and consistency in delivery and skills.


9. Can we print all the materials delivered in the MWS Trainer’s Kit?

The presentation slides and trainers notes are exclusively for the use of the MWS Licensed Trainers and are not to be given out to participants (in any form, electronic, printed, etc) for whatsoever reason. You have unlimited printing rights to the Learning Journals. 

10. Can we edit and/or add to the MWS Trainer's Kit?

Yes, you can edit the powerpoint slides, but NOT the learning journal, trainers notes, visual maps (in pdf format) and audio files. 


11. Can anyone conduct the trainings using the MWS Trainers Kit?

No, only an MWS Licensed Trainer can lawfully conduct the MWS Workshops. The MWS Licensed Trainers have to attend extensive trainings to ensure that they deliver the content professionally. 


12. Can I invest only in the titles that I want rather than the whole learning track?

Yes, you can invest as you need. So you can pick and choose the titles from different tracks.


13. Can we customize the MWS Trainers Kit content?

Yes, you may customize the content as you see fit. However, the MWS Licensed Trainers must acknowledge the copyright owners of the content and maintain the branding and logo within the presentation slides and learning journals.


14. What is it that I cannot do with the MWS Trainers Kit?

The presentation slides and trainers notes are exclusively for the use of the MWS Licensed Trainers and are not to be given out to participants (in any form, electronic, printed, etc) for whatsoever reason. You have unlimited printing rights to the Learning Journals. 


15. What does it take to be an MWS Licensed Trainer?

Anyone who is passionate about sharing and enjoys public speaking is ideal to be an effective MWS Licensed Trainers. Most leaders and line managers can easily and effortlessly be transformed into effective trainers.


16. How do I apply for my in-house trainers and line managers to become a MWS Licensed Trainer? 

The MWS Trainer the Trainers Certification Programs are being held on a quarterly basic.. You can email us for the upcoming schedules in your country or region.


17. What trainings do the MWS Licensed Trainers undergo? 

The MWS Train the Trainer Certification Program (which includes MWS Trainers Kit Content Coaching) is an intensive 4 days workshop to get your trainers/line managers competent in delivering an experiential learning experience for your employees.

18. Can anyone utilize the MWS Trainers Kit without licensing?

No, only a MWS Licensed Trainer may conduct the MWS Programs. The MWS Licensed Trainers have to attend extensive trainings to ensure that they deliver the content professionally and effectively.


19. Who Is Best Positioned to Succeed as a Trainer?

People who work in fields related to training, learning, education, coaching, communication, and similar fields will find. It is easy to enter the training field using many of the skills they already possess. These include:

  • Corporate trainers

  • Human Resource Practitioners

  • Teachers, lecturers, professors and educators

  • Life and business coaches

  • Consultants, authors and speakers

  • Line Managers and supervisors

  • Communicators

  • Preachers and religious leaders

Since barriers to entrance into the training business are so low, you will find successful trainers coming from all kinds of other fields, from teaching, public speaking, and social work, to computer technology, management, and sales.


20. Why would I want to have my own managers conduct the trainings?

It entails higher involvement through proactive steps of the management team and Hi-Po in the development of your workforce. 

We provide the content, you provide the context. The leaders and managers of your organization would further enhance the learning take away, as they are the best people to contextualize the content. They would bring their market experience, real case scenarios and industry knowledge, to drive through the key points and make it highly relevant.  

On top of that, having everyone go through the same learning creates the peer pressure and momentum for everyone to ‘walk the talk’. It provides an equal opportunity for everyone to develop and grow.

It will encourage the leaders to be even more adaptable and agile in applying this learning experience. Learning agility is the ability to learn something in Situation A and applying it to Situation B.  As a result, the managers also instinctively raise their standards at their workplace thus instilling leadership and mutual respect. 


21. What are the advantages of being an MWS Licensed Trainers?

You are now accredited by a well established and reputable brand in the market for corporate training. Being an MWS Licensed Trainer, you would be able to leverage on MiniWorkshopSeries™ global brand and credibility to drive your training engagements. You will also receive extensive trainings to transform you into a dynamic trainer and presenter. 

Leveraging on MWS licensing, internal trainers will gain the credentials to train your workforce; and immediately be accepted as the authority to deliver the trainings. Whether you are an internal trainer or a trainer on your own, the MWS licensing will propel you in your career.  You will not only gain the recognition you deserve, but the rights to train anyone, anytime and anywhere. 

You can spend your time in developing your core business, rather than researching and developing content. You can now purchase and utilize the wide range of MWS Trainers Kit.


22. How much is the MWS Licensed Trainer fee?


Do check with your MWS Country Representative on your local fees.; or email for the current fees.


23. What else do the MWS Licensed Trainers receive with the licensing fees?

Apart from the rights to utilize the MWS Trainers Kit to train; you will receive a range of services from: 

  • Your Country Representative:

  • Listing of your name and company name on the local country representative websites

  • MWS logo: Use of MWS Licensed Trainer logo on your namecards

  • MWS Buzz: a monthly updates on what’s happening on the local front

  • MWS Partner Education: Quarterly get together of partners to further enhance your skills with industry leaders in the area of voice training, pronunciation, grooming, etiquette and such. 


MWS International provides all MWS Licensed Trainers with:

  • Official Certificate of Appointment 

  • MWS Trainers Portal at Giving you access to thousands of learning activities, stories and metaphors


24. Does the license have an expiry date?

No, once you are a MWS Licensed Trainer, you are eligible to train on any titles of the MWS Trainer’s Kit.

We are constantly improving and enhance the MWS Trainers Kit. You may want to have the most updated version of the MWS Trainers Kit. 


25. How is it that I can stand to save over 80% of my training investment?

MWS Licensing Options is designed for medium to large organizations. On an average investment of only USD 400 per MWS Trainers Kit title. You can train the entire workforce in your organization with the MWS Trainers Kit.

If you have 300 staff: it only costs less than USD 2 per person.

Imagine if you have more than 1000 staff, this would translate to less than what a Coke would cost in McDonalds.  Unbelievable Savings! 

Contact Us Now!

We will be happy to share how the MWS Licensing Options can make a positive difference in your organisation.

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