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The MWS Licensing Options is specifically designed for organizations to leverage on their managers, leaders and supervisors to train their workforce. Organizations will potentially save over 80% of their training investment. 

The MWS Licensing Options consist of 2 components: 

1. MWS Trainers Kit. 

2. MWS Licensed Trainer 

Why the need to train entire workforce? 

Organisations inevitably are already utilising their Line Managers to train their day to day operations and processes, however the lack of soft skills competencies render their workforce crippled to handle their responsibilities and workload effectively and efficiently.

Compay wide interventions

Today with the MWS Licensing Options, you will be able to have regular comprehensive company-wide training interventions for a fraction of the cost. 


The MWS Licensing Options is spefically designed for forward looking enterprises and progressive organizations to train their whole workforce. It's truly simple for the organizations to start implement a structured and actionable solution today.

  1. Invest in the MWS Trainer Kit with over 80 titles to choose from 

  2. Identify Line Managers / HR / Trainers to be trained as a Licensed MWS Trainer 

  3. Schedule and Conduct internal workshops & training for the workforce 


The MWS Trainers Kit is crafted and designed for the MWS Licensed Trainers who have undergone essential training to be able to deliver and decipher the information and trainings presented. Many organizations have benefited from developing their line managers and/or in-house trainers and HR Practitioners to deliver training workshops internally.The client will have unlimited reprinting of learning journals. Rights to conduct unlimited workshops within their organization without incurring any other royalties or licensing fees.

Organisations will benefit: 

  • Save Time & Cost: Save lots of time and money by investing in professionally well-researched content that delivers comprehensive yet compact key skills, tips, and knowledge to build on your human capital. 

  • Instant product and resources: All the work is done and completed for you: Presentation Slides, Trainers Notes and Learning Journals plus, you will gain access to Trainers Resource Online 

  • Recognised as a Leader & Mentor: Line managers will gain respect from the staff in general and will be able to establish their leadership role and respect. It also provides opportunities for the line managers to share their real life experiences at work. 

  • Accelerated path to being a professional trainer: Trainers will gain from world class trainings to hone their platform and leadership skills to deliver high impact effective trainings. 


The MWS Licensing Options offers benefits beyond training. 

Features and Benefits Chart

The benefits of implementing MWS can be experienced throughout the organizations from different perspectives:

Features and Benefits
Company wide Interventions
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