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The Master Trainer Licensing Program is specifically crafted for highly competent, experienced and fun trainers. As a Master Trainer, you will be a cut above other trainers. You will be recognised as an internationally certified Master Trainer. Master Trainers are authorized to train and certify MWS Licensed Trainers.  

MWS is recruiting new master trainers


We seek Trainers who desire to further their professional training career by becoming a Master Trainer. MWS Master Trainers are licensed by MWS-International to train and certify MWS Licensed Trainers.


When you train others to become trainers themselves, you accelerate your growth as well as your credibility and worth. Becoming a Certified MWS Master Trainer is an incredible opportunity to create a sustainable and scalable business and reinforce your stature as a Master Trainer.  

Who Is Best Positioned to Succeed as a MASTER TRAINER?

To be a Master Trainer, you must meet these criteria:

  1. Aspire to run and establish a business in training

  2. Aged 35 and above with a min 8 years in soft skills training and experienced in executing learning activities and games

  3. Possess the maturity to handle different types of trainers and trainees

  4. Established network with large and medium sized organizations

What does it take to be a MWS MASTER TRAINER?

As an MWS Master Trainer, you will essentially consider two approaches for marketing — one, organizing public MWS Train the Trainer Certification and two, approaching organizations to implement the MWS Licensing Options. You will also be expected to continuously work to expand, grow and coach the MWS Licensed Trainers. Having sales and management experience is a definite plus. 

What are the Rights, Roles and Responsibilities of the MASTER TRAINER?

  1. You will have the rights to promote and market the MWS Licensing Options – the MWS Licensed Trainers and the MWS Trainers Kit to any organization and/or individuals.

  2. You have the right to train and certify MWS Licensed Trainers using the MWS Trainer Certification Programs. 

  3. You will continuously maintain and support the MWS Licensed Trainers.

What you will get from your investment

of only USD2,900


MWS Master Trainer Handbook:
  • PowerPointSlide Printouts

  • Master Trainer’s Notes

  • MWS Licensed Trainer Certification Program Syntax

  • A deck of Rebus and Antonym Cards

  • A set of Trainers Guiding Principles Card

A Pendrive:
  • Video tutorials on how to conduct the MWS Licensed Trainer Certification Program

  • Soft copies of all MWS Training Aids 

  • Printed Room Posters to decorate your training room with positive affirmations

  • Printed Reusable FlipCharts

  • Playlist of recommended songs

Props and Tools for Learning Activities:
  • Printed Goals, Concerns and Expectations labels for your Vision Board 

  • Plus a deck of coloured papers 

  • A can of spray mount

  • A bag of MWS Ducks, a signature of the MWS Brand

  • MWS Bag Of Tricks, used in one of the activities in the MWS Licensed Trainer Certification Workshop

  • Headbands for your participants

  • A timing bell

  • A Ball

  • A set of floor markers to form your Circle of Excellence

5 complete MWS Learning Kit for you to start your first MWS Licensed Trainer Certification workshop:
  • The MWS Licensed Trainers Certification Handbook

  • Certificate

  • A MWS Outline Book





Provoking, fun, playful, engaging, interactive and empowering are adjectives used to describe Nellie. She has been involved in the business of learning and personal development for more than 17 years. She has since ventured in starting and growing companies and has proven to be a successful entrepreneur in the IT, Sales, Education, Service, Manufacturing and Financial industry.



Fabian is a Trainer for Trainers.
A much sought after Author and Master Trainer, he has empowered both in-house and professional trainers to excellence.  He is instrumental in developing trainers from many MNC’s to realize their full potential as trainers delivering the MWS™, an internationally recognized training program. The trainers have in turn made an impact on their organization’s workforce and performance. 




Anthony Dio Martin, is a business practitioner, trainer, speaker, psychologist and personal coach, a man which the media has dubbed "The Best EQ Trainer Indonesia". Anthony Dio Martin is the director of training of HR Excellency, based in Jakarta and Managing Director for MWS Indonesia. In addition, he is also a talk show host in the inspirational radio program for personal development "Smart Emotion" on network radio broadcast SmartFM. 



Rhonda L. Bowen has dedicated her professional life to providing individuals with the means and skills to express them more precisely to support them in achieving their goals. Her training encourages participants to stretch themselves to reach new levels of self-confidence and effectiveness in the personal interactions both in spoken and written forms of expression.



Dana is the managing director of Global Talent Development Center which provides training for foreign executives leading in China and Chinese executives going global. 
Dana has 23 years of international management and consulting experience. She has worked in Hong Kong, Connecticut, Jakarta, Singapore, and Shanghai as business executive in IT and HR fields.



Ben Nothnagel is a South African and an Attorney at Law by profession. He is an International facilitator on leadership development, negotiation and global influencing. Certified MBTI and SDI facilitator, he has delivered Programs in 15 countries and have been attended by participants from 32 countries.



Currently serving as the President of the Malaysian Association of Professional Trainers and Coaches (MAPTaC), Soo Hoo has been a trainer in the area of Subliminal Persuasion, Entrepreneurship and Mindset Breakthrough since 2007. In recognition of his achievements and contribution Soo Hoo is awarded with the prestigious Global Training & Development Leadership Award by The World HRD Congress in their Silver Jubilee Celebration.

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