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INTRO: Market Analysis

In this section, we will look at the Market Situation Analysis. This is critical for the MWS Partners to have a full understanding of the positioning of MWS in the market.

Market Demographics

  • Small to large size organization, employees ranging from 10 - 20,000.

  • For MWS Licensing Options [MWS Trainers Kit], the customers will typically be medium to large size organizations. [> 300 employees]



Client Behavior Factors

  1. Progressive and Innovative in nature, constantly looking for what's new and different in the market place. Takes pride in being first.

  2. They attribute high value to their staff as intellectual capital, and believe in developing and growing them.

  3. Generally, potential  clients  seek  ways to minimize their training investments, and still have the ability to continuously train their workforce.

  4. They are looking for continuity and consistency in their training programs, possibly already having in-house trainers.

  5. They are seeking a high involvement approach that is able to have effective transfer of skills from workshop to workplace.

  6. They are often frustrated with one-off training; not delivering the promises of change. 


Market Needs
MWS  provides  a new approach and fresh perspective in corporate training. 
MWS seeks to fulfill the following benefits that are important to our clients:

  • Concise: the MWS Workshop’s 4 hour format delivers impactful tips, tools and techniques for the busy executive.

  • Competency Based: competency based workshops are relevant, useful and applicable to staff of all levels. 

  • Consistency: MWS provides for a common competency language across organizations to enable effective communication, expectations and execution from workshop to workplace. 

  • Comprehensive: with over 80 titles organized in 6 learning tracks. MWS offers a complete, wide range and flexible solution to meet the needs of large and small organizations, with 3 different ways for the client to experience. 

  • Cost Saving: with the MWS Licensing Option, organizations stand to save up to 80% of their training investment. 

  • Convenient: with the MWS Trainers Kit, all the work is done. Once the line managers are trained, they will have everything they will ever need to conduct an effective, dynamic and successful workshop. 

  • Collaborative: MWS offers MWS Partner Programs that add value to corporate clients. With diverse MWS Partners, clients can take advantage of the diverse expertise available.  

Market Trends

The market trend for corporate training has been on an increase over the years. For decades, corporate leaders have declared that "our staffs are our most important asset". 

Of late, more and more executives are making this statement and they are making it with greater frequency.  A large number of organizations have realized that their own workforce is an important asset if NOT their most important asset.


Today, progressive organizations place high importance in managing and developing their staff and bridging any competency gaps. They are looking for a structured and actionable program across the organization to address their needs and create a momentum for progress, continuous improvement and excellence.


And these organizations realize that unless they are engaging their leaders, managers and talents, they would not be able to transform into a learning organization. Many have even gone as far as establishing training as one of their line managers' KPI. Having the line managers train, they will be able to engage, empower and cascade vital industry knowledge to the workforce. 


Market Growth
MWS consider ways to grow the business via existing and/or new products, in existing and/or new markets – there are four possible product/market combinations.
















Market Penetration
With the MWS Workshops either in-house or public program, we are able to offer the existing market the conventional approach they are comfortable with. There for allowing the MWS branding and marketing to penetrate the more conservative clients.



Product Development
With the introduction of MWS Licensing Option, we offer our clients a new approach and fresh perspective in corporate training. Having line managers training their own workforce creates an unstoppable momentum for learning and total commitment to excellence throughout the organization. The Line Managers will be equipped with the right tools and skills to execute the training effectively and efficiently thus gaining lots of experience in platform skills. MWS currently is in development of supplemental products and services for the MWS client base. To know more, watch out for our announcement via your regular email updates.



Market Development
The MWS Partner Programs offers an opportunity for entrepreneurs, trainers and event organizer the opportunity to ride along with the existing products and services. Having a complete Partner Program to tap on, you will also have the opportunity to recruit partners and grow your business faster and better.



MWS is currently looking at ways to introduce even more new products and services to reach wider demographics of customers. Our R&D Team is constantly on the lookout for new technologies, ideas and systems.



MWS is primed to create a positive impact in human performance development in the corporate sector. MWS is strategically positioned to take advantage of the ever growing corporate training business. 

SWOT Analysis
The following SWOT Analysis captures the Strength and Weaknesses within the MWS, and the opportunities and threats in the corporate training industry.


  1. New Approach & Fresh Perspective

  2. Concise and bite size 4 hours

  3. Wide range of titles

  4. Flexible Solution: 

    in-house, licensing options, public programs

  5. Strong and diverse MWS Partners

  6. International presence with a global brand


  1. Ability to create visibility and product branding within the next few years

  2. Getting the right quality MWS Partners to promote and market MWS

  3. The concentration on a small niche of the market will potentially limit the market size.


  1. Great door opener to any new accounts

  2. Difference creates interests

  3. Tap on the international branding

  4. Being one of the first to introduce the Licensing Options to organizations

  5. Relatively low overheads and start-ups


  1. Future competition from new market entrants with complementing products in the same market space.

  2. E-learning and/or other technological advancement which may impact the training

Currently there are many training providers in the market, but they only offer actual trainings. They do not offer any licensing options for organizations. There are currently no training providers that specialize in helping organizations develop their in-house trainers and provide a total solution with the MWS Trainers Kit. 

The buying patterns for large organizations in the past are to either appoint trainers to conduct in house trainings or send their staff for public programs. Due to the current economic situation, and the need for a better solution, many large organizations have included training, coaching and mentoring function in their line manager's job roles and KPI. This trend will help MWS in the future.

The Buying Cycle

MWS offers 3 types of services to their clients:

  • MWS Workshops: inhouse / public

  • MWS Licensing Options: The Clients may opt for the MWS Licensing Options, obtaining the MWS Trainers Kit and selecting their Line Managers to be MWS Licensed Trainers.

  • MWS Partner Programs


The length of the buying cycle of products can range from only a few minutes, to several months or even years. Usually, the length of the buying cycle is directly related to the price of the product or service -- the higher the price, the longer the buying cycle. 

As an example, the length of time a consumer decides what flavor and how many dips of ice cream he wants will happen very quickly as compared to the years it may take to sell a fleet of new aircrafts to a government facility. 

So as it applies to our range of Products and Services [general rule]:

  • MWS Workshops: 7 days - 3 months

  • MWS Licensing Options: 2 months - 6 months

  • MWS Partner Programs: 1 month - 3 months

Key Success Factors
The keys to the successful running of the MWS Programs are:

  • Repeat business from current client base

  • Achieve sufficient market visibility

  • Establishing a large pool of MWS Partners and Trainers

  • Accomplish benchmarked quality workshops

  • Continuous Customer Service and Support

  • Brand Loyalty programs for workshop participants 

  • Creating complimentary product lines for the MWS Partners



Critical Issues
MWS has established itself as a brand to be reckoned with. 

Efforts taken by MWS International is to:

  • Continue to take modest approach in expansion, and not for the sake of expansion.

  • Seeking experienced, fun, reputable trainers to join the elite group of MWS Master Trainers

  • Continuing efforts to educate corporations on utilising their Line Managers to lead and train the workforce on soft skills competencies 

  • Focus on updating and expanding the offerings of the MWS Trainers Kit

  • Establish MWS as the premier corporate training solutions in Asia and around the world

SWOT Analyis
Market Needs
Market Trends
Market Growth
Client Behaviors
The Buying Cycle
Key Success Factors
Critical Issues
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