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The MWS Country Rep is required to have various marketing activities and events to educate, promote and market the MWS Product and Services within its region.


Seminars and events have always been implemented as a holistic approach to guests and participants to experience of the MWS Products and Services. Thus, organizing an event requires extensive planning and preparation with most work implemented at least a few months before the actual event.  With this guide you should be able to save lots of time and costs to accelerate your process.

Once you’ve established a solid event marketing plan for your business, working an event or two into your promotional schedule is an excellent way to build brand awareness, attract new customer segments, increase community involvement and (most important) garner positive publicity.

Planning an event can be an excellent way to promote your business. Try to design your event so that it will catch people's interest. 

Most of the time, events seem to run like clockwork with all events flowing smoothly according to schedule. In reality however, much groundwork has been worked on with the purpose of developing the right atmosphere in addition to a beneficial experience to guests and participants.


It is required for the MWS Country Rep to organize a Yearly Launch.

It can be any launch of new MWS products and/or services: ‘New Product Release’. As part of your responsibility as the MWS Country Rep, you are required to organize at least one launch a year, it keeps the pace towards continuous search for improvement and new ideas. MWS Clients will perceive MWS as a progressive brand to be reckon with.

It is an event to officially launch the product/service. It is a good opportunity to invite as many people as possible to present the product, speak about it and answer to questions. 

Leverage this event by inviting the Press, Corporate clients, Partners and potentials to experience MiniWorkshopSeries Culture and its product and services.

Coupled with an online launch; it will allow you to reach as many people as possible without restrictions, like for example space in case of a physical launch. Since there is no meeting with the people interested, the online product presentation must perfectly clear: description, pictures and encourage people to want to know more. It creates a momentum and interests. First, emails are sent to inform people about the launch, then they can refer to the website for more information. 

Some people, having little time, might not go to the webpage. It is also good to incite them to have a look with a parallel event like a prize winning. This could be a good mean to encourage them to visit the webpage.

To maximize the impact of the launch, the key is excellent marketing. Indeed a launch with a bad marketing campaign is not a launch, but just a release. It is recommended to use all the media you possess: email campaign, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


The MWS Showcase is organized by the MWS Country Rep at least once each quarter. In some countries, it is conducted once a month. The Showcase is a 'Preview' of what MWS is able to offer the Clients and Partners.

There are 2 types of Showcase: 

1. MWS Showcase: target corporate clients
2. MWS BizShowcase: target partners


Showcases are a free opportunity to experience a workshop. It allows participants to decide more confidently before starting to buy MWS products. They can ask their questions to the attending MWS salesperson, and have an idea of the content of a workshop. 

Some current customers can be invited as well, if there are a few free places left. Indeed, they know MWS workshops and will give a certain flow. Showcases are specially designed to debut the MWS Licensed Trainers [Pro], they will immediately have the opportunity to showcase their skills to participants from a variety of corporate clients.These participants can provide feedback and testimonials for the MWS Licensed Trainers [Pro] which can be a great value to start them off. 



Exhibition and Expos

MWS Country Rep are required to market and promote MWS through participating in relevant Exhibitions, Expos, Trade Shows and/or Conventions at least twice a year. Selecting the right event is crucial to generating leads and expanding your business. 

The people who visits exhibitions, expos and trade shows are usually in knowledge or preference stages of the buying process. In order words, they are almost ready to buy. So these are ideal places to promote the MWS brand and its products and services to an almost captive audience.


Some of the types you may want to consider:

1. HR / Development / Training / Management
2. Business Opportunity
3. Licensing and Franchising


First thing is to choose an exhibition, which is relevant for the training industry. Find out the number of visitors, the size of the booth, the reputation of the event, and who are the other exhibitors. If the event matches your expectations, get some details, and negotiate the price.

Participating in an exhibition is not just about promoting the products; it’s about promoting them at the right place, the right time and to the right target. To properly plan for an exhibition and to promote successfully the MWS products, here is a more detailed information: 

  • Exhibition Look and Feel [sample]






































Partners Meet

The MWS Partner Meet is organized by the Country Rep once every quarter. This is normally coupled with an MWS Partner Education Programs. [MWS-PE] Skills Development



  1. To continously maintain and retain brand loyalty amongst the Partners1. To

  2. To provide continous development of the Partners by inviting 'industry experts' to speak

  3. An opportunity to get feedback, share ideas, new product releases, industry news, etc.

  4. Instil a sense of belonging and a chance for the Partners to network


Some ideas on the topics you may want to consider:

  • How to handle the media

  • Dress for success

  • Vocal training

  • Vitality with Chi-Qung

  • Meditation to manage stress

  • Pronounciation

  • Body language

  • Color theraphy 

  • Managing Your Finances 

  • Eating right for life

  • Leveraging on the Internet

  • Creativity

Other Events 

CSR Programs
One of the philosophy of MWS is about giving back to the community. You can organize CSR activities that you are passionate about and involve the MWS Partners and Clients.

One of the areas which MWS is advocating is the impact of environment on endangered animals; and educating people on the different species and how we as individuals can make a difference. You can visit the Facebook group.


Loyalty Programs
You might want to consider running a Loyalty Program for everyone that has experienced the MWS Workshops. Some of the Country Rep are running Lucky Draws, once every quarter, or twice wach year.

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