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MWS Licensing Option

Most large organizations handpick their High Potentials; 20% of their workforce to train extensively. That means, 8 out of 10 of your workforce will never be trained. What does this mean to you? Do you have great strategies and leaders but challenged by execution? Yes, it's now possible with the MWS Licensing Options!

Because many progressive organizations are strategically leveraging on their line managers, leaders and Hi-Po to train the entire workforce. MWS will help you transform them into qualified licensed trainers. Coupled with the MWS Trainers Kit, they become your arsenal to train the rest of the workforce. Giving you remarkable return on investment.


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MWS Trainers Kit

The MWS Trainers Kit has everything a triner requires to conduct his or her own workshop. All you have to do is to pick and choose which titles or tracks you or your participants will be most likely to be interested in and we'll pack it up for you in this nifty box!

Visual Map
MWS Trainers Kit
MWS Trainers Notes

MWS Trainers Notes

  • MWS Trainers' Notes outlines the workshop structure from beginning till end. Your trainers notes will be your guide to delivering the content the MWS way.

  • Includes fillers, such as ice-breakers, jokes, games, variety of exercises and quotations to raise the interest level.

  • Making the TNOTES your main source of reference when you're creating your training syntax.

MWS PowerPoint Slide
MWS Learning Journal

MWS PowerPoint Slide

  • This is your teaching tool. Colorfully designed to stimulate the creative brain of participants.

MWS Learning Journal

  • The MWS Learning Journal is the main learning tool for your participants. It is their main source of reference, containing all the important lessons they need to take away from the training. 

  • It also functions as a workbook for participants to jot down personal notes and insights, espeically new ideas or shared information from other participants. 

MWS Visual Map

MWS Visual Map

  • This is a concise visual presentation of the training content.

  • We took great care in designing the the map, making it attractive so participants will display it proudly.

  • Having a constant visual reminder reinforces the learning, and may even prompt further discussion or uncovering of new insights even after the training took place.

MWS Audio Podcast
MWS Licensed Trainer
MWS Titles

MWS Audio Podcast

  • The Podcast is a post learning tool.

  • It is a concise 5 minute audio presentation of the entire workshop. The podcast comes in mp3 format and can be played on any audio playback device. Bring learning anywhere you do, in your car, in your ipod, on your computer.

  • Again catering to the different learning approaches of people. Podcasts make great revision for Auditory learners.

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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MWS Licensed Trainers

MWS Licensed Trainers are those who are passionate about sharing and enjoys public speaking is ideal to be an effective MWS Licensed Trainers. Most leaders and line managers can easily and effortlessly be transformed into effective trainers.



Learn about Learning

Adult Learning Methodologies

Adult motivation to learning

Learning Activities

Learn how to use Energizers and Activities

Ways to engage participants

Framing your Participants

Setting expectations and goals

Linguistic Framing Skills

Establishing Powerful Presence

Overcoming stage fright

Maintaining stage energy

Platform Skills

Body language [non verbal]

Vocal training [verbal]

Create Magical Moments

Story telling, metaphors

Using humor in your presentation

Role play and group discussions

MWS Trainers Kit Titles

MWS Licensed Trainers are given full access to the MWS Trainers Kit. The Kit comes in 7 different tracks, each track contains 12 unique titles. Click for the list of titles.

Essential Skills in Action

  1. Winning Attitude

  2. Accelerated Learning

  3. Write Effortlessly

  4. Manage Time

  5. Getting Organised

  6. Effective Meeting

  7. Communicate Clearly

  8. Active Listening

  9. Business Etiquette

  10. Managing Boss

  11. Minimising Workstress

  12. Dealing With Change

Managers in Action

  1. Speak With Power

  2. Creative Thinking

  3. Decision Making

  4. Motivating Others

  5. Delegating Effectively

  6. Getting Results

  7. Building Team

  8. Constructive Feedback

  9. Coaching Dance

  10. Executing Change

  11. Dealing With Difficult People

  12. Art of Negotiation

NLP in Action

  1. Mastering Success

  2. State Management

  3. Congruency

  4. Sensory Acuity

  5. Building Rapport

  6. The Art of Questions

  7. Figuring Out People

  8. Perceptual Flexibility

  9. The Framing Games

  10. Power Persuasion

  11. Problem Solving with SCORE

  12. Imagineering

Sales in Action

  1. Sales Mindset

  2. Generating Leads

  3. Cold Calling

  4. Power intro

  5. Telemarketing

  6. Email Selling

  7. Probing Skills

  8. Handling Objections

  9. Relationship Selling

  10. Networking Skills

  11. Nurturing After Sales

  12. Sales Closing Techniques

Competencies in Action

  1. Managing Vision and Purpose

  2. Strategic Agility

  3. Dealing with Ambiguity

  4. Action Oriented

  5. Customer Focus

  6. Managing Through Systems

  7. Teamwork

  8. Accountability

  9. Assertiveness

  10. Perseverance

  11. Ethics and Values

  12. Integrity and Trust

People Management in Action

  1. Positive Mental Attitude

  2. Handling Discipline

  3. Work-Life Balance

  4. Screening Resumes

  5. Behavioral Interviewing Skills

  6. Culture of Empowerment

  7. Selecting Candidates

  8. Performance Review

  9. Managing Performance

  10. Building Competencies

  11. Planning Training

  12. Induction and orientation

Innovation in Action

  1. Innovation and Organization

  2. Nurture Innovation

  3. Idea Generation

  4. Opportunity Recognition

  5. Enterprise Idea Management

  6. Managing Innovation

  7. The New Leader

  8. Leading Innovation

  9. Culture and Rewards

  10. Framework for Innovation

  11. Process Innovation

  12. Open Innovation

Branding in Action

  1. Brand Pride

  2. Brand Love

  3. Brand Awareness

  4. Service Branding

  5. Brand Loyalty

  6. Brand Positioning

  7. Integrated Brand Promotion

  8. Brand Personality

  9. Brand Equity

  10. Brand Ethics

  11. Global Branding

  12. Brand Sustainability

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