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As the MWS Strategic Partner, you are required to produce the MWS Sales Tools, Litereature, and Merchandize. The printed word promotes credibility, so your materials are important tools in your arsenal. They reinforce the brand, and they can create a lasting impression when done professionally well. 

This will help you communicate and strengthen your message throughout the strategic marketing process. Known as marketing communications or collateral, they may include: Company brochures, Product Data Sheets, Case studies, White papers, Reference Lists, Testimonials, etc.

Sales literature and tools are necessary to conduct marketing campaigns and execute the sales process. Effective literature and tools reflect a company’s brand strategy, work dynamically in each distribution channel, focus on achieving a specific goal, and fit together with other tools in the process.

The MWS Business Partners can also use some of the templates and samples here - to send them out electronically or print format to their clients.

Name Cards

Basically, there are standard namecards that are being used across the world. You must ensure that you follow the standards as stipulated here:


Crew Tags

Crew tags are used during Exhibitions / Showcase / Events / etc.


Corporate Brochures

The MWS Corporate Brochures are used during visits with clients and identified potentials.



Being a market innovator in the corporate industry, educating our clients is vital part of the marketing and sales process. Organizing and having events creates brand awareness and generates lead. 

MWS Outline Booklet

The MWS Outline Booklet consists of the descriptions and outlines of all the titles offered by MiniWorkshopSeries. 


MWS White Papers

White papers are used to educate the clients on various subjects. You may check out some of the white papers at 


MWS Box Folder

The MWS Box Floder is designed for 2 main purpose:

  1. marketing folder: for the brochures, flyers, outlines, corporate cd, etc.

  2. learners kit: for MWS learning journals, visual maps, audio podcasts, voice counts, etc.



Buntings are displayed during events, exhibitions, etc. There are many samples of ready used buntings:



Posters are also used during showcase, exhibitions, and events.

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