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Integrity and Trust

A good name is better than fine perfume. Our integrity is what makes people trust us.

A person with integrity is one who is consistent, lawful, honest and fair. I am sure we all agree that it is easier to trust someone with a proven track record of reliability and honesty. Integrity paves ways for those who have it. In the simplest words, integrity refers to evident credibility while trust refers to reliance.

Tip: trust is the result of integrity. People rely on a good name.

Those two words hold great power when we apply them to our lives. Integrity and trust makes you connected to networks of people while at the same time earning you the loyalty of those people.

Let us take a quick moment to look at the famous KFC. This fast food chain is popular for its fried chicken which has the same unique taste in all the countries. Colonel Sanders is known as the person who maintained that integrity. So these days whenever anyone thinks of fast, fresh hot and tasty chicken, KFC comes to mind.

Our integrity affects all areas of our lives including our businesses, workplace and personal lives. Integrity in a business guarantees customer loyalty. A good example is LG. LG is known mostly for its home appliances. It has come a long way to earn peoples trust and loyalty that is why LG is still successful.

We all have to cultivate the habit of reliability among ourselves. We can do so by shaping an environment of trust. We need to nurture a culture of consistency and honesty among ourselves. We can do so by training our colleagues’ employers and others around us.

Tip: the first step to training is to set an example. Practice what you preach and you won’t have to preach too long!

Trust is a very delicate issue. Like a promise, It can easily be broken that is why integrity is a must in every organization. Like love and hate there is only a thin line between trust and distrust. We must try to be aware of all our actions because sometimes trust is broken by unconscious mistakes like forgetfulness, simple lies or even, a lack of punctuality.

‘No lying knight or lying priest ever prospered in any age, but especially not in the dark ones. Men prospered then only in following an openly declared purpose and preaching candidly beloved trusted creeds’ – Ruskin John.

Tip: lying is a habit that is mature the first time it is told. Cultivate a truthful habit.

Organizations are usually faced by challenges on integrity and trust. Some ways to deter these setbacks are:

  1. Practice integrity and trust building

  2. Try to improve your memory by note taking and reminders.

  3. Do your best to avoid telling a lie. Instead tell the truth in the most pleasant possible.

Join us to learn how to inculcate Integrity and Trust in your organization.

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