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MiniWorkshopSeries Launch

Do you remember the day when your loved one was in labor? It took months of preparation, new changes as a new family is about to be formed, in some cultures, ceremonies were planned, the excitement, the anticipation, and most of all, the suspense. MiniWorkshopSeries was born 3 years ago, and has been nurtured by R&D and feedbacks from real clients and has evolved to bring a new approach and fresh perspective to corporate training.

We hold the hopes and aspirations that MWS will bring exceptional value to organizations and training industry as a whole. On 3rd December 2008, MiniWorkshopSeries or fondly known as MWS launched its version 3 to the marketplace with a Big Bang!

Our guest waiting for the launch

This auspicious event was held at UEM Academy with overwhelming response from the corporate sectors. The event attracted over 200 guests curious about what MWS can offer and how to help them inculcate a learning culture within their organizations. MWS is specifically designed for ONLY for progressive organizations that places high priority in their human capital development.

To celebrate the launch, the MWS team took special care in preparing the door gifts for the guests. Each guests received gifts valued over RM 1000. Many of the guests were awed by the the holiday voucher worth RM600 to Cherating, Port Dickson, Langkawi, or Genting Highlands , a 70day free pass by True Fitness, 1 year free job posting by Jen Jobs, Condoms by Malaysia Aids Council, MPH Gift Vouchers, plus many other fascinating gifts by the MWS event official sponsors.

The event begins with a short video presentation about MiniWorkshopSeries. Mr Allan Gan, Business Development Manager of Priority Sky, welcoming the guests and taking the guests on the agenda of the day. The MWS Product and Services presentation is then done by MWS International Ambassador, Marco Robinson. MWS has not only launched in Malaysia, but has established its presence in Indonesia, India, Australia, Egypt, Singapore and Brunei, making it a global brand.

Amanda Ng, MWS Business Development Manager shares congratulatory videos from our global partners, Anthony Dio Martins, HR Excellency Indonesia, and Urban Martins, of Urban Trainings, Australia.

The fun and excitement does not stop there. To officiate MiniWorkshopSeries, Nellie Amirah Lim, together with Dato’ Sheikh Abdul Rahman (Dr. Soar), MWS Licensed Trainer [Pro] and Mr. Marco Robinson, MWS International Ambassador ceremoniously cut a cake.

Dato' Soar, Ms Nellie & Mr Robinson

After a brief break, the Learning Forum entitled ' Inculcating a Learning Organizations' kick off with Dato Dr Sheik Omar facilitating our esteemed panelists:

  • Ms. Maggie Woon, Training Manager, Tokio Marines Insurance

  • Tuan Haji Daud Amatzin, CEO, Felda Academy

  • Mr. K.K,Ng, Strategic Advisor, Persoft Systems

  • Mr. Geh Thuan Hooi, GM, HR Services, Sunway Group

The discussions gives invaluable insights into the diverse and different perspective between local organizations, multinationals, conglomerates approach towards developing and inculcating a learning culture. One thing they all agree is the need for all progressive organizations to empower their line managers to train their workforce; and how important it is to have a structured and actionable approach. It was indeed a thought provoking sessions with many Q&As from the floors.

To wrap up the event, the MWS Partners, were presented their certifications. The guests have not only shared a significant MWS milestone, but took home with them invaluable ideas that they can implement instantly. The overwhelming response and consensus from the guests sets us on our road to success.

MWS Licensed Trainers receive their certification

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