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Manage Time

‘Make hay while the sun shines and do not put off till tomorrow what

you have to do today’

Time is one thing that waits for no one. It is essential to be time conscious as the early ones get the best goods. Time will work for those who will manage it wisely. If time is not properly managed, businesses will fail.

We treat time the way we perceive it. Your perception about the importance of time will determine how you manage it. Some people see time as something money can buy; others look at time as though it will always be available, while the fortunate few consider time to be a luxury.

We cannot say that anyone is wrong about his or her time perspective. We can only say someone is wrong if he doesn’t get things done at the right time. Most of us tend not to notice our negligence of time until such things start happening.

Clients will decline in number, productivity will plummet and profits will quickly disappear because it costs a lot to be late. You have to work harder and pay more for doing anything late because people will want to charge premium prices for having to make allowance to serve you at an inconvenient time.

Poor management of time sky rockets a business expenses and leaves it operating at a loss. Some of us use our time according to our moods and personalities. It is essential for every person in any organization to keep their personality in check because most people who have mood swings only perform according to their moods. When such people are in a poor or bad mood; they tend to neglect the duties that are important in an organization. Such people are only productive when they are happy.

Some people are very casual about time. They believe that time is something that is always available. Some believe this because they are financially buoyant while others believe it because they have a carefree nature. Whichever category you may fall into, you must wake up to reality. Time is important to everyone. Every second counts and once time is gone, it will never come back.

Time is luxury that cannot be wasted. Time management is an invaluable skill for everyone. It is important for everyone in the organization to realize the importance of time in order to prevent wastage and protect the company’s image.

Whatever great things we do in life are as a result of time planning.

‘The failure to plan is a plan to fail’.

A plan keeps your eyes on your goal. Without a plan there is no way an objective can be achieved. We must have a day-day schedule. ‘A schedule is like a house of cards, when one is missed the house goes crashing down’. Create a schedule and stick to it. Proper time management always has its reward. Proper allocation of time: time must be properly allocated to suit all tasks. Do not allocate too short a time to achieve a goal or carry out a task with the belief of pushing yourself. It is wise to allocate extra time so that mistakes can be corrected.

Time management is harder than it sounds because of these 3 mental blocks:

  1. Lack of discipline- indiscipline is the flood gate of disaster. Stay disciplined and your business will be secured.

  2. Lack of interest – some employees always show up late for work because they really have no interest in that particular job.

  3. Lack of priority – when someone has not decided what is important to them and the organization.

Time waits for no one; use it while you still have it!

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