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Innovate like Google

Fortune magazine has named it the best place in America to work for the last two years, and similar surveys in the U.K., Italy, France and the Netherlands have put the company at the top of their lists too.

Google is well known for its radical approach to HR and knowledge workers. Google’s culture is about chaos; by creating small tasks and empowering their knowledge workers to innovate and deliver. Google creates a stimulating intellectual environment that enhances empowerment and innovation culture throughout. Google take a very hands-off approach, but what Google does so well is communicating and delivering their vision to the heart of their Googlers.

“People who want to work at Google are passionate about technology. We have jobs available in a variety of roles all over the world, but everyone who works here is passionate about technology. We want people who are innovative, who collaborate and come up with ideas to deal with problems that aren’t solved yet. And they will work with others who are equally passionate about solving problems and doing interesting work. The people who thrive at Google are creative, self-directed and able to work without the structure of a typical workplace. People who thrive on being told what do to, how to do it and by what time won’t like Google. If you just want to do a job, you’re not going to be satisfied here.” – Anne Driscoll, manager of talent and outreach programs for Google.

We may not all building the next Google, but definitely we can model the unique style of leadership to achieve innovation.

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