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Innovation results from people!

Innovation starts with people.

Every individual has the capacity to innovate. Every single one of us has that the capacity to be more innovative that we are now. We must first believe in people. Their ability to see the future and possibilities. Innovation in essence is the common sense of tomorrow.

We can all increase our innovative capacity in our organization. All progressive organizations are taking proactive steps now to ensure that they will still be around in the future. While there are no quick fixes or magic bullet when it comes to changing cultures and climates, progressive leaders are beginning to empower their people and workforce to take risks and make mistakes.

Innovation simply put is: the ideas we think and create; the risks we are willing to take; to bring those ideas into reality.

Top business leaders believe that innovation – more open, collaborative, multidisciplinary and global than ever before – is the key to business survival in the 21st century. However, unsupportive cultures and climates can present a formidable barrier to innovation. It’s vital for CEOs and leadership teams to lead the way to create an innovation-friendly work climate and organizational culture that goes beyond conventional management practices today.

“How can you create an empowered workforce towards innovation?”

Watch this inspiring video of geniuses, the likes of Thomas Edison and Walt Disney beat the odds:

Read more about People and Innovation on IBM Global Business Resources.

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