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Getting Things Done

In order for us to achieve our KPIs and organizational goals we must be able to mobilize and empower our workforce to do the right thing in the right way most efficiently. The workforce must get things done!! It’s simple enough. This is an indisputable fact of the corporate world.

We have seen and observed many organizations are going through re-org after re-org; months after months. Have you ever wondered how results are being achieved, when everyone is changing roles every month or so? Some call this ‘chaotic’ management. By creating a sense of uncertainties and urgency, thus keeping people on their toes to make them strive even more each time to maintain some sense of belonging. Some says this is a covert approach devised by Corporate USA to remove old dogs and bring in new blood. Some even go as far as speculating that this is a way the “Top Management” appears more ‘strategic’ and creating activities to keep everyone looking busy. Something to think about….

In reality, many managers are often frustrated with getting their team to get things done. Today, we have to stop looking for people to blame, stop tweaking internal structure and systems:: but take total accountability and move forward.

To do that the managers have to take matters into their own hands:: to get things done through their workforce. And the first step is to ensure that everyone in the organization speaks the same ‘lingo’; a common competency language. That is why we are advocating that Managers take a pro-active approach in training their own workforce.

You will not only set clear expectations of the competencies required but to show the workforce: the How-to get things done!

Nobody joins an organization to fail. They want to contribute to build the company and their careers. In order to do that, they need to understand and appreciate what is required of them. Who but the people that are leaders in the organization is the best people to do just that. This will create a momentum for effective results and still the flexibility for change. It can only be achieved, when the leaders are pro-active in the development of the workforce. This is something that you should never outsource to an ‘expert’!

The core competencies required by your workforce needs to nurtured by the very people who are accountable for the results and bottom line of the organization. It is just meaningless to continue training the leaders without developing your workforce’ competencies. Its time to roll up our sleeves and get it done:: Leverage on your leaders and managers to train your whole workforce now.

MiniWorkshopSeries is here to help you facilitate an actionable and structured approach to workforce training. Call us now for a full presentation on how to get it done!

MWS is changing the way organizations learn.

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