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How are you training your workforce?

Many organizations implement soft skills training programs to improve productivity, reduce employment complaints, and increase personal performance. However, many have found that having a one-off training of 2-3 days a year is not effective at all. HR Managers and CEOs needs to be even more strategic in their approach.

When a lot of training programs are scheduled on an ad hoc basis without any proper structure and framework, there is lack of reinforcement. Even if the training opportunity arises, the absence of reinforcement impedes integration to workplace. When there is no reinforcement or follow up, after these training programs, the momentum in learning is lost.

87% of what you learnt is lost within 30 days.

According to the Huthwaite study published in The American Society for Training & Development Journal, 87% of the learning is lost within one month of the training program due to the absence of reinforcement.

Training programs therefore needs to be implemented using an actionable and structured approach that offers regular interventions on a fortnightly basis to create a momentum for learning and change. Your workforce no longer required to attend isolated one off programs giving everyone the opportunity to attend regular in-house training. This will enable them to continuously learn, change and adapt learning at work effectively.

MiniWorkshopSeries offers you the complete Workforce training solution. We are designed for the many, not for the few. MWS is about growing and developing your grassroots to achieve the results you want. Call or email us now to find out how you can implement an actionable structured approach for your workforce.

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