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Are soft skills vital?

Technical incompetence or inability to do the work is rarely a significant factor when employees are terminated from their job. Again, research shows that the more significant factors for firing employees concern attitude, work ethic, safety, and relationships with others. Employees are typically fired because of soft-skills, rather than technical skills.

Contrary to general beliefs, more money/salary is not a major reason why employees leave. Based on exit interviews and other research, only about 10 percent of the employees leave because of their salary package. Turnover is usually about relationships, perceived opportunities with the organization, and the potential for personal and professional growth.

Training can make the critical difference in reducing employee turnover, addressing the reasons why employees leave, and reducing the frequency for firing employees. Training can improve employee morale, improve communications, change attitudes, decrease absenteeism, and make supervisors more effective in leading and managing their workforce.

More and more organizations are putting even more emphasis on developing their workforce’s soft-skills training and development programs. This ultimately help achieve better communications and morale and in turn a culture that supports the growth of the organization.

MiniWorkshopSeries offers over 70 titles of soft skills training that is easily implemented by organizations by leveraging their leaders and managers. You will not only stand to save over 80% of your investments, but create a momentum for learning and growth. Email us now to get started.

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