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Can your Managers train your workforce effectively?

Training is so much more than standing in front of a group of people and reciting facts or rifling through slides. It is most vital for trainers to be able to engage their audience to think, reflect, learn and change for the better. Doing so could make the difference between being a good trainer and an exceptional trainer.

The most crucial characteristics of a Corporate Trainer, is to have relevant subject matter expertise. Nothing is worse than having a Trainer who has no experience or industry know-how to apply the skills he is teaching in a meaningful way. To be truly effective and to reach participants in a meaningful way, corporate trainers should continuously develop new skills, deepen existing strengths, and overcome impeding weaknesses.

Here are the 3 key skills as a Corporate Trainer:

  1. Presentation Skills: the ability to present to a group of people and use body language

  2. Facilitative Skills: the ability to facilitate group discussions, learning activities effectively and understanding of group dynamics

  3. Contextualizing Learning: the ability to put context into the subject matter making it relevant to the participants

To be an exceptional Corporate Trainer, here are the critical success factors:

  1. Create a fun and non-threatening learning environment.

  2. Encourage team learning, and instill a culture of continuous learning and development

  3. Sharing of work experiences and facilitating experiential learning.

That is why Line Managers and Supervisors are most ideal to train your workforce. They have the relevant experience and know-how to making their training relevant and useful. They understand and appreciate the work and industry culture. The Line Managers too will gain invaluable insights on the challenges faced on the grassroots during the workshops. It will also further enhance their leadership qualities as they will gain respect and credibility for sharing your knowledge and industry intelligence.

“MWS Licensing Option: The most powerful and cost effective approach for training your workforce today.”

MWS Licensing Options is specifically crafted for progressive organizations to take proactive steps in developing their workforce. MWS will provide and train your Line Managers become MWS Licensed Trainers, to deliver highly effective workshops using the MWS Trainers Kit. With MWS Trainers Kit, all the work is done for you. We provide the content, you provide the context.

Take action now, and be proactive in ensuring that your workforce are aligned for the results and success you are want.

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