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Engaging and empowering the workforce

Empowering the workforce simply means fully engaging and leveraging on your workforce to achieve the goals and purpose of any organization.

In fact there are less than 20% of the workforce that is totally engage; and 77% of the workforce dislikes their current job. Imagine that!! Low engagement leads to low productivity and high turnover of staff. More people are suffering from work related stress ailments because of dissatisfaction, discontentment and disillusionment. People needs to feel that their contribution count, that their efforts are being appreciated and they have an opportunity for growth.

That is why leaders needs to engage, develop and align the workforce for effective empowerment to happen. Everyone is committed to attain the competencies, values and accountability through continuous learning.

With empowerment comes great responsibility. The responsibility of the management to appreciate and understand that the workforce requires to know what is expected of them; and to help equip them with the competencies required. And the responsibility of each and every staff to advocate an open communication channel to enable learning, sharing and coaching at every opportunity.

Empowerment is a culture within an organization and totally supported by leaders: Leaders who are progressive and believes in the potential and capabilities of its own workforce.

Remember the key to having an empowered workforce is an organization that advocates employee engagement in knowledge sharing, training and development.

You now have an actionable and structured approach to cascade your organizational’s goals, mission and vision to the entire workforce through leveraging and engaging the leaders to advocate learning and growth.

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