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Engaging the resistor

The term resistor as we all know it, has something to do with electricity. A resistor is a two-terminal passive electronic component that implements electrical resistance as a circuit element. When a voltage (V) is applied across the terminals of a resistor, a current (I) will flow through the resistor in direct proportion to that voltage.{source:}

The resistor in ”not-so –conventional-wisdom’’ refers to a person who is simply impossible.

In this context a resistor is an employee who does not respond well to reprimand , scolding or correction. Such a person is one who creates an illusion of control in his mind which drives him to think that no one is worthy to tell him what to do. Such a person is such a physical coward that confrontation only surfaces when the person has harbored too many negative thoughts.

It is common knowledge that the main reason why employees are scolded is due to poor performance and misconduct. A grumbling employee has the following character traits.

  1. This employee always keeps his eyes on the clock, impatiently waiting for time to pass so that he can go home to his comfort zone where there are no rules or bosses. Such employee tends to be physically and subconsciously disorganized because they feel the need to prove to themselves that they are in control of their territory.

  2. Living in a world of their own; such employees are known to live in a world of their own, they are usually withdrawn and always keeping a frown. The frown does not suggest that they are angry at anyone, instead it means that they are shy and vulnerable and they do know want to show it. Such employees are secretly craving desperately for attention and support.

  3. A grumbling employee does not participate. A grumbling employee is one who does not involve himself in any kind of retreat or non work related activity that the other members of the organization are involved in. such a person is simply avoiding the limelight, not because they cannot excel, but because they believe that they will fail and make a fool of themselves as a result of their timidity and nervousness. Such people feel like no one can see them; like they are invisible, and that even when they are seen, everyone else is watching them with downward judgmental eyes

Having ‘resistors’ in your organization – is like having cancer. And we have the antidote to help you get them engaged and aligned to your organization’s goal

How then do we get these resistors – to engage?

You may create activities in the following 5 areas:

  • training and learning activities

  • reward schemes

  • leadership and talent development

  • project based team work activities

  • values, purpose and organizational culture activities

Having a structured approach and regular activities is the key to employee employment. MiniWorkshopSeries provides you with such tool. With the MWS Licensing Option, you can choose your talents to be certified as MWS Licensed Trainers – and you can then schedule regular training interventions for your whole organizations. Everyone can be involved and engaged with learning.

MWS Workshops can be used as the platform to:

  • instill the values, vision and purpose.

  • create project based assignments

  • develop leadership and talent

  • create a culture of learning

  • create a common competency language

Employee engagement is about empowering the leaders, managers and talent to ignite the passion, loyalty while developing your workforce. Most importantly, it needs to be conducted regularly and consistently. The MWS Licensing Option will facilitate you to train, learn and develop your workforce. Its time progressive organizations – talk their talk!

With over 80 titles to choose from, organizations can offer a wide range of competency training. Visit now to take action today and join progressive organizations.

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