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Work-life balance

We are often faced with the difficulty of balancing our work with our daily lives. This difficulty exists because your personal life is the dominating part of your life. It takes discipline to separate our lives from our work. Sometimes we are faced with very troubling emotional problems that affect our performance at work. It is only normal to have this kind of problem occasionally because there are certain problems that seem too great for even one person to handle.

Tip1: ‘problem shared is half solved’ .try to talk to someone you can trust. Even if that person cannot solve your problems, you will feel a bit better after talking.

Tip2: when you have a problem, consider it as a phase that everyone must go through. Phases are not eternal, they always go away.

Tip3: learn to be a fighter. Your problems cannot overcome you even if they threaten to. You make the rules.

Balancing life and work is a must for everyone because not all aspects of our lives can very well fit into our work. We must endeavor to discern the areas of our lives that fit with our work and those that don’t.

However hard balancing work and life may be, like every problem, there is a solution to it. I personally always set my mind to work mode when I am at work. I am sure you all agree that talk is cheap right, so don’t only say you want to be in work mode, think and behave in work mode. After all, you are getting paid, learning and updating your resume. Not to mention the allowances and bonuses. That’s the trick, think of the benefits of working! That will keep you from getting your work mixed up with your personal life.

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