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Minimizing work stress

Stress in the workplace is one of the major problems employees are facing. Stress, if no properly handled can develop into something much worse. Stress is usually as a result of work overload, improper time management, non conducive workplace, colleague rivalry and frustration from the boss. Rivalry between colleagues can arise as a result of promotions. Some employees tend to feel very disappointed when their colleagues get promoted instead of them. Situations like this make employees feel cheated. These kind of feelings usually manifest into rude behaviors, lies against one another, loss of focus in work and in some cases, switching of allegiance by leaving the company for a rival company.[that is practicing the saying – ‘your enemy’s enemy is your friend’.

The department heads and other bosses can also play a vital role in increasing work stress. Being emotional as we are, some of us tend to forget that we are in the workplace. We tend to carry our problems from our homes to the workplace then pour out all the anger by scolding and blaming our subordinates for unimportant things.

Another stress factor is work overload. Some companies practice overloading their workers in order to avoid of employing extra hands. Overloading may seem profitable in the beginning but it gets worse when the issue of medical bills arise due to work stress. It is better to assign workers to specific tasks and only ask them to more if they can handle it or whenever they have some free time on their hands. Speaking of time, employees who do not know how to manage their time are the cause of their own stress. Most of us have fallen victims of procrastination. When we procrastinate, we pile up work and then find ourselves doing a ton of work at the last minute when there is barely enough time to complete the work. Rushing can put us under stress so it is imperative to manage our time effectively.

Tip 1: procrastination is the greatest thief of time, avoid it!

Tip 2: treat your employees like they matter and are not simply expendable assets

Tip 3: reward your employees when they have accomplished a difficult task. Show them recognition and appreciation

Tip 4: Do not overload your employees with work. Allow them occasional leaves. When those employees are away on their leave employ other temporary employees who will fill in until they return. This way the company will always have fresh minds bringing in fresh ideas.

Minimizing work stress would definitely have a positive impact in your life. It may seem shocking, but some people 'enjoys the drama' of work stress as it makes them feel busy and significant. Take time to reflect on your working style and preferences, the impact of stress at workplace and your priorities.

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