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Steer Your Company Culture Before It Steers You

They say a company’s culture cannot be forced, that it has to be guided and shaped. While finding the right talent for your company is important, so is establishing a positive company culture. A company culture that nurtures your talents, so they may best perform their role in sustaining your company’s business.

Here are some ways that you can use training as a proactive approach in steering your company’s culture:

  • Stay connected with your workforce!

Use your managers to be in constant contact with your employees. When a company has grown bigger, there occurs a sense of detachment between the employees and the senior management. One way to remedy this is to create a contact point, a non-threatening environment where your employees can interact and your managers to gain a better perspective. By training your managers to train their own employees, you create that platform for connectivity, and thus making culture building more effective in the long run.

  • Training to keep workforce up to date

Training need not be the same every time. With MWS, you can conduct a workshop every month for your employees. The context of the training becomes organic and fluid as it changes with the company’s current need and expectations. New updates and information about the company and the business direction can be updated to your employees more effectively.

  • Reinforce company’s culture

The upside about having your managers as trainers is that assurance that whatever’s been covered in the training workshop can be reinforced even after the workshop has ended. Bringing everyone on the same page, as you remind each other daily to uphold the ideals and vision of the company. Keeping each other accountable for their own actions and mindful of certain repercussions.

MWS advocates transforming managers into high impact trainers to train and grow the company’s workforce. Supporting the manager’s role to facilitate in steering the company’s corporate culture into a more profitable and successful future of the business.

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