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Teamwork refers to activities that result as a collective effort from a group of people in order to achieve one goal while at the same time improving one another. We often tend to confuse the word ‘team’ with ‘group’. The difference is that a team refers to a group of people who contribute their efforts into achieving one goal while complementing each other’s abilities. A group on the other hand refers to a number of people who are simply assigned to work together .it is necessary for a group to become a team otherwise you would just have people clustering in small circles and having no understanding of how to bring out the best in each other while achieving goals .It is also essential for a group to be a team because duties are carried out even faster and better when there is a good working relationship between, in other words team spirit must be cultivated. Teamwork is essential because it facilitates learning and working at the same time as many ideas are exchanged.

Together we achieve more

We can be very effective as a team if we have understanding. This is vital part of any relationship, be it business or social or relationships. Without understanding there will constantly be conflict and loss. There can be no understanding without respect and compromise. We must all be willing to respect each other and treat others the way we want them to treat us. When teamwork is effective, you will notice the details .it will be evident that duties have been carefully and cleverly carried out. Where you find quality, you will always find a devoted team.

  1. Overlook the characteristics of any person in your team that does not appeal to you and discuss with that person about the characteristics that you cannot cope with.

  2. Although it is advised to make compromises, we must bear in mind that it is not reasonable to go too far when making compromises.

  3. Convince yourself that the things you don’t like about a person are just their flaws as no one is perfect while bearing in mind that you are not excluded. It is often said that whatever a person puts effort into doing will result in some form of profit. It is with this ideology that I can easily say that if one person can achieve great things by working hard, then a team would stand a better chance of achieving greater things. It is important that the aims and objectives of a task assigned to a team are clear in order to avoid mistakes or losses. Clarity makes it easier for a team to carry out tasks faster and more effectively.

  4. An effective team is one with devoted members. Devotion makes a person put effort into the things they are doing. A devoted person is someone who does things for the satisfaction of achieving something good.

  5. Discipline - an effective team is one with discipline that sets out to achieve goals no matter how uncomfortable it may seem. Discipline is important in any relationship whether it is a business relationship or social relationship. Discipline keeps people from doing improper things. It keeps businesses afloat, it keeps teams constantly in check to achieve their goals, and it keeps us from offending each other.

Tip: if we have discipline, we will be reliable and trust worthy. Be disciplined and you can own the world.

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