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This is a characteristic of a mentally powerful person. It takes a perseverant person to look defeat in the face and decide that it is still alright to keep fighting. Perseverance is a characteristic of the most successful people in the world. Thoughts can get you far but action will get you where you want to go.

You must have your way, you must push. A perseverant person is one who must achieve his goals no matter how many disadvantages are stacked up in front of him. A perseverant person sees opportunity in the face of defeat and sees success in the abyss of failure. The world today is filled with advantages, but all those advantages are disguised as problems, it then takes only perseverance to break through the shell of disadvantage into the paradise of success. The world is a marketplace for competition, like the old saying goes, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’. We must all hold on to our dreams even if it takes working extra hours and pushing beyond our limits

  1. You are only limited by your imagination, open it and you will enter a world where there are only possibilities and the only language people understand Is ‘yes, ‘yes, ‘yes .

  2. Thing good comes easy! In order to be great, you must have what people casually refer to as ‘backbone’. Your perseverance is your back bone, don’t lose it.Tip2: No

No matter how gloomy things may seem, it is always wise to identify with your inner power. Tell yourself you are strong and that no one does what you do better than you. You are the only one who can achieve your dreams, if you are not tough those dreams will never materialize, they will stay long enough in your head only just to fade away and leave you unaccomplished.

Tough situations go away but tough people don’t –an Australian athlete.

Be tough, it’s your amour; it will protect you in times when you need to make difficult choices and go through a difficult situation. Whenever a deteriorating situation seems ‘unstoppable’ you must become ‘immovable’. It takes a strong person to be persistent but a strong machine needs to be oiled occasionally. Be flexible, it is the oil that winds the perseverance machine.

Perseverance is profitable no matter your situation. Einstein was not the brightest boy in school, but he did not give up despite criticisms, instead he went on to become one of the legendary scientists. Another good example of a perseverant person is Thomas Edison who was faced with many difficulties some of which were losing his hearing at an early age, growing up without his father, having to sell candy, newspapers. He did not limit himself to his situation he kept pushing to become one of the greatest inventors in history. The saying doesn’t fall too far from the tree is no longer relevant as we cannot be limited by our background.

Shortcuts to being perseverant 1. Be strong –consider yourself as your own hero. Your success lies with you. 2. Keep moving – do not wait for someone to come and encourage you to fight for your dreams.

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