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Managing vision and purpose

The vision and purpose of any organization require proper management. In other words, they require a care taker.

The Vision is the intended destination that an organization hopes to reach, while Purpose is simply the reason for the existence of a business. We all already know that a business exists solely to make profit. The main purpose for an organization now refers to what the organization was made to produce. Some organizations purpose is to facilitate shipping others are to train individuals, e.g. schools and trainer companies

The vision and purpose of an organization are what shape’s the organization. No organization can function without them. What makes a vision and purpose stay on course is how it is managed. It is one thing to have vision and purpose but it is another thing to be able to manage them effectively so as to ensure all the members of the organization put a collective effort into working towards that vision.

The vision and purpose of an organization must be developed in such a way that it would be accepted by the public and the staff of that organization. We must manage our vision and purpose for reasons such as:

  1. Understanding:effective management of a company’s vision and purpose means that there will be understanding between the members of the organization about everything that the organization stands for will in turn promote the absence of conflict.

  2. It is important to properly manage vision and purpose because this ensures that goals are met accordingly. If the vision and purpose is not managed all the members of the organization will simply go about handling their duties the way it pleases them. This may seem like a good way to empower employees but it must be noted that no matter how much an organization feels to empower and employee, it is only safe to play safe and that is by occasionally checking their performance and mode of operation.

How can managing vision and purpose help the organization?

Managing the vision and purpose of an organization can go a long way in ensuring the growth of the organization. It will ensure clarity of goals will create even better working conditions workplace seem like home for the employees.

The organization resides not in the building where it is located but in the employees who pull the weight to make the organization successful. Effective management of the vision and purpose of an organization will ensure that all the employees work with devotion to make a home for the organization.

Choosing a side People tend to belittle themselves, lose their values and weaken their abilities the moment they see themselves as neutral.

There is no such thing as neutral in business; you are either in or out. It is Important to know where you stand in any organization .because no train will carry a passenger who will not pay the fare and no organization will move forward if its employees are not willing to do their best. As managers, it is your responsibility to ensure that every employee gets carried along .this can be achieved by ensuring that your members do not lose sight of the purpose and vision.

Management is only way to keep things under control and to direct those things in the way we want them to go.

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