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The art of questions

If I am right, you are probably wondering how questions can be an art.

Let us look into the mind of legendary artists like Da’ Vinci and Picasso .They did not just splash color on papers and walls, they questioned people to think about their work. Let us step out of our conventional shoes and walk into art. Like paintings, questions are beautiful because they make us minds wonder.

What is art?

Art is a three letter word that is mighty in meaning. Art means a lot of things to many different people but the goal is the same to everyone. To most painter art is simply about the expression of thoughts and emotions through colors, to a writer, art is about striking words, to a business man art is about money and business relationships. Art does not have a single definition but it has only one destination, which is to touch the emotions and mentality of people. Art drives towards probing your mind and forcing it to ask more questions and produce those answers.

What is the art of questions? The art of questions refer to how questions is an art. As the world changes and new concepts are introduced every day, the usual questioning methodology must also change. An artistic question is one that tells a story in a question. An artistic question causes the mind to push beyond its usual boundaries and think in various directions and possibilities. Like a mine field, one simple artistic question can set the mind off into various dimensions of possibilities.

We must all treat questions as an art because everything is simpler and more attractive when it is artistic. In any business organization customers are very important. Without them how is profit possible? Business must involve exchange. Artistic questions help us evaluate our operations and our abilities to know if we are putting our best in what we are doing.

Questions are an art because they always paint a picture in the mind. The more artistic the question, the more colorful it is in the mind. Whenever your mind is painting pictures, possibilities are being painted. It is necessary for us to know how to be artistic in asking questions.

Tip: ask questions that have indefinite answers but are realistic, that way, you will trigger the imagination of both yourself and others.

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