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How can you speak powerfully?

A powerful speech can sell refrigerators to an Eskimo!

Speaking with power simply means being able to channel the listener’s mind in the direction that you want it to go. Powerful speaking involves storytelling; you should be able to speak in manner that triggers the listener’s imagination.

It is normal to feel nervous when speaking in front of an audience. You must always remember that it is important to address people with respect. It is important to speak with power because people identify with power. Power draws attention and respect. If you want people’s attention, speak with power eloquently.

Your ability to speak powerfully plays a vital part on how fast you grow in your career. Research has shown that most people are promoted to senior management positions, not only for what they know... but more so, for how well they can influence others. Because as leaders, you need to be able to rally your team towards achieving your organizational goals.

What makes a great speaker?

Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.– Plato

If you want people to listen to you and respond positively. you need to grab their attention. You need to address what is important to your audience, the benefits you offer and how what you say will impact their lives.

Sometimes, you may need to throw them off guard. A great speaker must be a risk taker-what makes a speaker great is not how many times he makes a speech but how often he is willing to take risks with speech making. People love brand new material; the more you vary your style and materials; the more people want to listen to you.

Here are 3 basic tips to get you started:

Tip1: A little bit of flattery can go a long way. Flatter the audience on things you can see about them that are true and commendable. Pick one person and say something nice to them that will make that person more receptive to you and it will cause the rest of the audience to want to impress you. Simply put, flattery makes the audience do your job for you. Instead of you having to impress them, they would want to impress you.

Tip2: Tell a quick joke but stay on point There is only a certain level that well arranged words can take you but those words will have little or no effect if it not delivered with persuasive power. People want to hear promise in words, they want to see honesty in a person’s face and they want words that will tickle their fancy. People respond more willingly to a person who can make them laugh.

Tip3: Learn how to speak like a politician; a politician is an excellent sales man. A great example of a great speech maker is President Barrack Obama, he speaks with so much power and persuasion that captivates people. His words get people moving. Politicians are great reference points because they convince people with powerful words and powerful speaking attitude. Observe and learn from the great speakers and politicians of our times.

Business in short words means exchange of privileges. Politicians give a good speech and get a good reaction in return, salesmen give good speeches and get money return in return. Business exists solely to make profit.

To be a great speaker, you must be willing to challenge yourself. You must constantly ask questions and carry out research on what you want to say and on your target audience.

Points to ponder

  • What kind of response do you want from your listeners?

  • Do you want to change your listener’s perspective?

  • How can your speech get your listeners thinking?

And most importantly, you need to practice and be congruent with your message. Your physical body movements, tone of voice, language proficiency and sense of humor makes all the difference.

The ability to speak powerfully is a vital skills for all managers in organizations. MWS offers 'Speak with Power' in the Managers in Action learning track offers you concise tips, tools and techniques.

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