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Starting as a Professional Trainer

Unlike doctors, lawyers, and several other professions, for most countries, there are no government-mandated requirements, credentials, or licensing for a person to start a training business and work as a business / corporate trainer.

This does not mean that you don't need any credentials to succeed. You will be competing with other trainers so you will need to impress your clients with as much credentials as you can muster. These include your education, past accomplishments in the business or learning fields, and other credentials such as your association with a credible training company that licenses you to deliver their reputable materials.

Who should get Licensed and why?

  • Internal training / HRD/ and HR professionals in all types of organizations who want to be trained to deliver our workshops to leaders, managers, and staff in their organizations.

  • External consultants, trainers, and coaches who want to get certified to deliver our workshops to their clients. This opportunity is great for both seasoned and new consultants who are starting their business.

  • Leaders, managers, and key staff who want to learn emotional intelligence, creativity, communication, diversity and cross cultural skills for their own professional and personal development.

  • Those who want to enter the lucrative training field, and enjoy the flexible hours and independence.

How can MWS accelerate your career?

  1. Extensive Trainings : You will receive extensive trainings in accelerated learning methodologies, platform skills and certifications programs to equip you with the latest techniques.

  2. Ready to deliver content : Saves you time and cost. You now have a wide choice of training titles to choose from. You will get complete, ready-to-deliver training workshops that you can start delivering the next day after you complete your trainer's training. With the MWS Trainers Kit, all the work is done for you. You will receive presentation slides, trainer's notes, learning journals, recommended readings, and much more.

  3. MWS Showcase : specially designed to launch the MWS Licensed Trainers [Pro], you will immediately have the opportunity to showcase your skills to participants from a variety of corporate clients.

  4. Credentials : you will be associated with a reputable and global brand, and to establish your credentials.

How does becoming an MWS Licensed Trainer Help Me Start or Expand My Training Business?

Being an MWS Licensed Trainer gives you the following advantages:

  1. You will gain the advantage of associating with a reputable global training company that offers the most innovative training programs needed by organizations today. Just take a look at our web sites to get an idea of the wide range of our capabilities, products, and services.

  2. You will be entitled to use your MWS Licensed Trainer designation and logo to promote yourself and your training workshops.

  3. You will be able to purchase the MWS Trainers Kit. Choose from over 80 complete ready-to-deliver training workshops on today's most needed skills and competencies. You will get the Trainer's Guide, PowerPoint slides, Trainers Notes and reproducible Learning Journal for any of the Trainers Kit you select.

  4. You may charge any amount of fees you determine and you don't pay us any royalties, commission, or other fees.

  5. You will also receive 10days of intensive trainer's training and coaching to use Accelerated Learning methodology and Neuro Linguistic Programming for the preparation and delivery of exciting, transformational training.

To get started email us now at

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