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MWS Indonesia Launches MWS Learning Hub in Medan

4 December 2016 | MWS Indonesia launched its first MWS Learning Hub, partnering with Eka Prasetya Medan. The launch was a raving success, with special appearances from MWS International’s Sue Kay and Nadya Sulaiman. MWS Indonesia lead by their premier MWS Master Trainer Anthony Dio Martin, is joined by the MWS Indonesia Team, Efina Kartolo, Max Sandy, Dian Mardi Leonora Riupassa and Rudy. Congratulations to the MWS Indonesia for a successful event.

The MWS Learning Hub Medan will be offering 6 MWS Programs. To find out more about their schedules and other programs visit their website at

To find out more about how you can be an MWS Learning Hub and as well as information about other MWS Products, visit Or contact us directly at

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