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How can you implement MWS?

MiniWorkshopSeries is specifically crafted for progressive organizations to take advantage of its world class products and services to inculcate a learning culture. It will help enhance and train the workforce to meet the business demands of today's challenging economic situations.

Wide Range of Titles

MWS makes training relevant and applicable to respective individual as well as the collective needs of your work force.

You will have a comprehensive and diverse range of titles to choose from. MWS offers you over 80 titles organized in 8 learning tracks.

MWS is a powerful, compact and dynamic 4 hour workshop that delivers results for busy professionals and executives of progressive organization today.

There are 3 easy ways you can implement MWS in your organization:

1. Attend Public Programs

MWS Learning Hubs are strategically located across the region to provide an affordable and accessible public programs.

2. Conduct in-house programs

Your whole staff can attend the workshop which allows equal opportunities for all to develop and grow.

3. Invest in the Trainers Kit and develop your line-managers into MWS Licensed Trainers

With the MWS Licensing Options, organizations stand to save over 80% of your training investment.

Email us at for the best solution to meet your needs.

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