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Anthony Dio Martin represents MWS in Indonesia

International, 7 Jan 2010, Anthony Dio Martin of HR Execellency is appointed as MWS Master Trainer. Anthony is an outstanding and renowned speaker and trainer in Indonesia in the areas of emotional intelligence and NLP. We are indeed honored to have him join our team of esteem Master Trainers.

Anthony Dio Martin, is a business practitioner, trainer, speaker, psychologist and personal coach. He is the author of bestselling books EQ, "Emotional Quality Management" (2003) and the audiobook "Emotional Power" (2004, Scholastic Press), also the book "Management intrapreneurship: Hunters and Farmers" and "Smart Emotion 1 & 2" . In addition, Anthony Dio Martin also guides the daily program of personal development motivation "Smart Emotion" on the radio SmartFM and has also been a fixed guide the show "Inspiration with Anthony Dio Martin" on QTV.

Currently, Anthony Dio Martin is director of training institutions, HR Excellency, based in Jakarta. His educational background is in Psychology from the University of Gadjah Mada and the S-2 Strategic Leadership in the MBA program and Master Certified Professional Recruiter and Psychological assessor (CPR) from Vancouver, Canada. He is also in the field of International Licensed Trainer of Neuro Lingustic Program (NLP), MWS Master Trainer and Six Seconds EQ Certified Trainer. In addition, he is also the International Certified Firewalking Instructor from Sweden. Kerjan experienced more than a dozen years, including as a trainer and management consultant at PT Astra International and Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, Jakarta.

In addition to being a speaker at several national forums, has also been a speaker and providing trainings in Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. Some clients have ever dealt with options and given training by Anthony Dio Martin, among others: Unilever, HSBC, Bank Mandiri, Djarum, Citi Group, Pertamina, Telkom, Bank Mandiri, the Supreme Podomoro Group, Manulife Financial, JP Morgan, Auto2000, Indomobil Suzuki, Itochu Corporation, JP Morgan, Sun, Trikomsel, PT Tempo Scan Pacific, BRI, LG Electronics, Dexa Medica Group, Mitsui, Bayer, BCA, etc..

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