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MWS Malaysia Promotes Developing Workplace Excellence Series

17 Oct 2013 – MWS Malaysia held a showcase that demonstrates the structure of MWS Workshops. To promote the Developing Workshop Excellence Series that will be launched in 2014.

The showcase brought together HR professionals from organizations that are interested in a new way to develop and create excitement for learning. They had the opportunity to go through an MWS Workshop to get a better feel of the program and evaluate the effectiveness of the 4 hour structure.

The Developing Workshop Excellence Series is a 3 month event starting January 2014, presenting 12 unique MWS Titles that together promotes excellent work culture in organizations. They are:

  1. Action Oriented­­

  2. Building Rapport

  3. Figuring Out People

  4. Motivating Others

  5. Customer Focus

  6. Dealing with Difficult People

  7. Executing Change

  8. Coaching Dance

  9. Constructive Feedback

  10. Art of Negotiation

  11. Creative Thinking

  12. Decision Making

MWS Workshops are delivered in 4 hours, delivering concise tips, tools and techniques in the most fun and engaging manner. These workshops, facilitated by MWS Certified Trainers, designed specifically with busy workforce in mind. As a public program, participants will get the rare chance to learn from those of various industries, background and experience.

Tickets to these MWS Workshops are now available. There are also packages that will help organizations save up to 60% of the total cost. Simply choose the amount of tickets you wish to purchase, and attend any of the 12 MWS Workshops organized throughout January up till the end of March 2014.

Download FULL Brochure to learn more, contact MWS Malaysia at or call at 03 5635 7638.

You are invited to join our next MWS Showcase so you may too experience the MWS Workshop for yourself.

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