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MWS is Turning 8!

We are shouting with joy from the rooftops! It has been a remarkable 8 years and what a journey it was. We are blessed to be a part of so many progressive organizations. Even more so to see the gleaming enjoyment and pride in all our MWS Licensed Trainers as they impart their expertise and skills to their participants; To hear laughter and feel great energy emitting from inside their training rooms. Those are unsurpassed rewards for us.

MWS was born from a simple idea – to empower people to learn and discover, then reflect on their new discoveries to allow for positive change in their personal, interpersonal and eventually organizational transformation. This succinctly spells out our unified idea, which we have championed for almost a decade.

There have been trying times and there have been the best of times. We as a brand have also grown more mature in correlation with our increased knowledge and greater understanding of our industry and all those involved in it. As mentioned in one of our MWS Branding in Action title, that a brand is a living organism; it lives, breathes and grows much like any living being. From its infancy, through its pubescent years, and now reaching adulthood, we can’t help but smile as we reminisce our ‘life’ experiences.

Experiences that have not only brought us new friends and family, but also challenged us to become better versions of ourselves from the ones before.

So, yes. We are very proud of turning 8. Although by the time this blog hits the net, we are technically only 7 and 3 quarters.

A great big “THANK YOU” for all of you who have made our journey that much sweeter. For your support and loyalty, MWS is giving out for the first time, over 25% discount on all MWS Trainers Kit and MWS Licensed Trainer Essential Certification. As a show of gratitude, MWS is extending an additional 10% discount for all you MWS Partners on the MWS Trainers Kit.

This Anniversary Promotion goes on from 1st October to 31st December 2013. Enjoy these savings before the year ends, contact MWS Malaysia at, or call us at 03 5635 7638.

Visit on more information about our other Anniversary Promotions.

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