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MWS Malaysia – Showcase

21st March 2013 - MWS Malaysia Country Rep (Priority Sky) hosted the second MWS Showcase this year in Jaya33, Petaling Jaya. The MWS Showcase is a platform for HR Practitioners, L&D managers, line Managers, etc.. to see, hear and experience the MWS Workshop.

This time around, we had the opportunity to invite MWS Int. Brand Manager, Mr.James Leow to be our speaker and the topic he chose to share is TEAMWORK from Competency In Action Track. Mr.James stressed that Teamwork is a necessity competency for all levels within an organization and its what that make or break the company. We are honored to have our very own MWS Licensed Trainer Pro Mr. Boh Chek Sing that came all the way from Melaka to support us!

The session starts at 10 am when all the participants arrive. The door opened with a thundering applause welcoming the participants into the room. Once the participants were seated, we kicked off with a Silent Introduction (Ice-Breaker) and the workshop continues. There were fun activities, meaningful stories and sharing of real life experiences from participants.

The session ended up with a short product presentation by MWS Malaysia VP, Mr.Allan Gan where he shared about the MWS concept and how can MWS help organizations to safe up to 80% of their training budget. Mr.Allan also took the opportunity to share more about the MWS services, support and the upcoming events! Participants went back with a high note and enjoyed the session.

Here are some of their feedback about the MWS Showcase:

1. “Activities are very interesting & thought provoking – Makkota Medical – Chua Ee Chien”

2. “Very engaging and impactful 3 hours session – F&N Holdings Bhd – Bryan Ong”

3. “Informative and lots of activities, not a typical boring sit down training. Kudos! – Canon Marketing Malaysia – Rick Low”

Stay tuned for the MWS Partners Meet – Trainers Reload event in May. We will be announcing the date and venue soon!

For more information about MWS, please visit or contact us at

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