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MWS in Hannover Messe Tradeshow 2012, Germany

23rd – 27th April, MWS International were among thousands of international brands the likes of Bosch Group, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi Electrics, participated in the Hannover Messe Trade show. Hannover Messe Trade Fair is the world’s most important technology event, showcasing ground-breaking innovations in the context of 8 international flagship fairs and is expected to have more than 230,000 visitors visiting the trade show.

The Trade show was a huge success for MWS to penetrate the European market as well as the US and Canada. Many of the visitors were amazed by the MWS concept and new approach to leaning and development. The trade show kick start with an opening ceremony speech by Prof. Dr. Annette Schavan, Federal Minister for Education and Research and Dr. Thomas Lindner, President of the German Engineering Federation, it then continued with stage performances and also welcoming all VVIP’s, guests, visitors and exhibitors.

MWS is confident that the concept will be easily implemented by companies in Europe. MWS has proven to help organizations in the likes of Fuji Xerox, Bank Central Asia, Curtin University, Chartis Insurance, Malaysian Airlines, Maxis Telecommunications and many more to empower their workforce.

MWS brings a new approach and fresh perspective by providing a total solution for large organizations to leverage on their line managers to train, engage and empower their workforce. The line managers will go through an extensive trainers’ skills certification program and coupled with the MWS Trainers Kit, they will be ready to inculcate a culture of excellence in the workplace.

So what are you waiting for? Take this exciting opportunity to challenge and inspire your organization to new heights today. Email for more information!

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