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Curtin University Sarawak Experiencing MWS

Lecturers, Admins, IT Support, Finance, Marketing and many other departments from Curtin University Sarawak Campus enjoyed a year of fun filled training program. This training program is part of the MWS Licensing Options that provides an equal opportunity for learning and growth. Curtin University Sarawak Campus joined MWS in 2010, certifying more than 5 of their management staffs to be MWS Licensed Trainers. The Licensed Trainers is certified to utilize the MWS Trainers Kit to train and build the competency of of the workforce. Curtin University believes that such programs add value to organisations by increasing job productvity, employee competencies and upgrading employee skills.

The MWS Licensing Options provides the fundamental approach to competency based learnings for staff of all levels and more than 80 titles to choose from. Constant learning and relearning is a must for any organization to stay competitive so this also means with the diverse topics to choose from, you have more than 80 ways to develop your workforce.

As advocated by MWS, learning is fun and interesting so the Licensed Trainers from Curtin University did a fantstic job by creating a fun learning environment during the workshops. With the tips, tools and techniques provided by the MWS Trainers Kit, the participants can then learn and absorb the information easily. Therefore able to transfer knowledge from workshop to workplace instantly.

MWS empowers people to learn, reflect, discover and change by creating a fun learning environment for personal, interpersonal and organizational transformation. So join us by email to if you have what it takes to be a prograssive organization!

MWS International will be participating in the Hannover Messe, Germany Tradeshow 2012. To find out more, click on the banner below or email and get a Full Event Entrance Ticket Free worth Euro58.

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