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MWS Content Coaching Goes Online

Due to the rapid expansion of the MWS Brand, the MWS Content Coaching will soon be delivered online, bridging all MWS Licensed Trainers around the world.

Doing this allows all our trainers to constantly refresh themselves on how to optimize their MWS Trainers Kit. The one-day Content Coaching will still run as normal, but with further reinforcement provided by this online version of the Content Coaching.

MWS Online Content Coaching is designed specifically to familiarize Licensed Trainers with the different tools available in their Trainers Kit, so they can optimize all the features offered in the kit to ensure a smooth and effective training.

The MWS Online Content Coaching is broken down into three parts.


Part 1: Getting to Know MWS For Trainers who want to understand more about the MWS Concept, and their role as a proud member of MWS.

Part 2: Make MWS Work For You This part details every item available in your trainers kit.

MWS Trainers Kit contains:

  • PowerPoint Slides

  • Trainers Notes

  • Learning Journal

  • Visual Map

  • Podcast

  • Workbook

We’ll share with you what each item is meant to do, how to utilize it, as well as easy to remember tips, tools and techniques to make the MWS Trainers Kit work better for you.

It also covers the most frequently asked questions about the MWS Trainers Kit. From editing PowerPoint slides, to adding extra activities. So Trainers, be sure to give special attention to this section of the Content Coaching.

Part 3: The 10 Keys to being a MWS Licensed Trainer Serves as a refresher to your Licensed Trainer Certification program. Whatever you’ve learned from the program is condensed into an easy to remember 10 Keys. So if you ever need a boost of confidence before your workshop, treat this section as your Bubble of Excellence.


The MWS Online Content Coaching marks another milestone in MWS International’s efforts to serve their members better. It will be launched in the first quarter of 2012. So join MWS International on Facebook to receive the news of its release!

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