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MWS launches Mandarin Versions!

In line with MWS vision of going global and providing the learning needs of everyone in the workplace, MWS is proud to announce the availability of the MWS Mandarin Version on 11.11.11. Currently, MWS has 2 languages: English and Bahasa Indonesia and work on other languages are underway.

MWS International, together with MWS China began translation works since 2010. The Mandarin Version will be available in 3 tracks. Essential Skills in Action, Managers in Action and Sales in Action.

This opens up a whole new opportunity for organizations and trainers who have majority Chinese speaking employees, to effectively train their workforce using the MWS Approach.

Preview of the Mandarin MWS Trainers Kit

Fun facts about the Mandarin language:

How many people speak Mandarin Chinese in the world? Around 1 billion people speak Mandarin Chinese around the world. The Mandarin language has more native speakers than any other language.

Where is Mandarin Chinese spoken? Mandarin Chinese is mostly spoken in China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. It is also widely used in the many Chinese communities (Chinatowns) around the globe. Mandarin Chinese is also one of the six official languages used by the United Nations.

How is Mandarin Chinese written? Mandarin Chinese doesn’t have an alphabet. It is written with symbols. These symbols are called Chinese characters. Chinese characters represent the oldest writing system in the world.

How many Chinese characters are there? There are over 100,000 Chinese characters recorded in the most advanced Mandarin Chinese dictionaries. New Chinese symbols are developed all the time, so the amount of Chinese characters never stops increasing.


MWS International would like to take this opportunity to thank MWS Master Trainer, Dana Chan, and members of MWS China for their efforts in making this production a success.

MWS is currently available in Australia, Brunei, China, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Contact your country representative now for more information.

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