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The MWS Partner’s Portal Opens!

MWS proudly launched its Partners Portal during the Mad Hatter’s Party in December 2011. MWS Partners showed great support and shared our joy in this marvelous portal that offers Licensed Trainers over a thousand trainers resources and other useful tools to promote and market themselves to a wider audience.

In hand with the launching of MWS Branding You, where Licensed Trainers are given various tools to further market their personal brand, the MWS Partners Portal now provides them with that very place to list their profile, making themselves accessible by a global community.

In the MWS Partners Portal, as MWS Licensed Trainers, you can post up your:

  • Trainers Profile,

  • Program Details,

  • Publish Training Related Articles,

  • Upcoming Events,

  • and even send out Pre or Post Assessments.

MWS is all about learning by doing, experiential and fun approach to corporate training. In keeping with this, the Partners Portal now offers over a thousand trainers resources for all you MWS Licensed Trainers to use in your own training. This feature compliments the MWS Workshops, where you can change it up, substituting activities given to you in your Trainers Kit with new activities made easily available to you in this portal.

The MWS Partners Portal is currently still at it’s Beta Version. We are open for all MWS Licensed Trainers to utilize its function. For those of you who are interested, please register with your MWS Country Rep to receive your Username and Password as well as a private web link to the MWS Partners Portal Tutorial Video.

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