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POS Malaysia Trainer Certification

20 Dec, Malaysia – MWS welcomes the outstanding pool of trainers of POS Malaysia to the MWS Community of Licensed Trainers. The trainers had lots of fun sharing on how to take their skills to the next level. They were bursting with enthusiasm and energy to try out new approaches in utilizing ‘Activity based learning’ in their training workshops.

The 3 days Trainer Certification Program and 1 day content coaching was held at the Institute Latihan Pos Malaysia from 13-16 Dec 2011. POS Malaysia is implementing the MWS Licensing Options to include soft skills training to their wide range of technical and process training. The trainers were truly committed and steadfast in their development as trainers – this is a group of trainers who takes personal responsibility in delivering excellence. They are very well respected within the POS community for their contributions and relentless dedication to teach, train and share.

“It was indeed a true honor to have the opportunity to facilitate and offer the trainers with tools, ideas and resources to make their training even more fun, experiential and engaging.” – Nellie Amirah, MWS Master Trainer

Check out the photo gallery.

POS Malaysia’s warm hospitality and sincerity in hosting the event was very much appreciated by the MWS Team. The spread of local cuisine served everyday was sumptuous especially the ‘sambal belachan’. Stay tuned on the success stories from POS Malaysia MWS Licensed Trainers.

“Aktiviti dan pembelajaran MWS ini dapat membantu saya dalam meningkatkan skills mengajar saya dimasa akan datang. Thank you Nellie Amirah diatas tunjukajar selama 3 hari. Great Thank – God bless you.” – Zabir Othman

“Very outstanding performance from the trainer & new revolution of how training should be conducted made this workshop is one the best ever workshop I have attended…” – Fazly Ramadzan

“Open your mind and you will be amazed, entertain and you’ll learned a lot. Bloody damn good!” – Azman Saab

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